Why A Fake Diamond Ring Actually Spells Happiness

By the end of 2018, $7,400 was the average engagement ring budget. An average millennial couple spent $3,000 on the rings. While it may seem lavish to spend such an amount on an engagement ring, the cost of losing the love of your life due to a ring-less proposal is too much. 

When it comes to diamond engagements rings, the goal is always to get the best. There are high end and simple rings available in the market. A simple ring available at an affordable price can still look expensive.

Want to propose? You don’t have to open up a whole new line of credit to do so. If your love is true, even fake diamond rings will do.

Want to propose? You don’t have to open up a whole new line of credit to do so. If your love is true, even fake diamond rings will do. Here’s why.

A Fake Diamond Ring is valuable

Naturally, diamonds are expensive. Originally, the value of any diamond was set by the wondrous colors, beauty, and the sparkle. The dispersion set by the rings offers the natural beauty of the colors of sunlight.

Today, artificial or fake diamonds have higher dispersion. In the original sense, the cubic zirconia engagement rings are even more beautiful. 

Therefore, a fake diamond ring can be more beautiful and add color to your occasion. It allows you to get extravagant for the love of your life. Read on.

Fake Diamond Engagement Rings are Realistic 

While powerful, rich and able men show their love and prowess in buying expensive rings, you can go for fake rings. A fake diamond ring can feel and look real just like original real deal. What’s more, today, ring manufacturers have advanced their skills.

Higher end manufacturers of fake diamond rings can craft absolutely beautiful and realistic faux rings worthy of the same level of appreciation as that of real diamonds.

Fake diamond rings that look real AAAAA grade Luxuria brand
Photo 1: Modern high quality lab created AAAAA (5A) grade white cubic zirconia if cut properly will have the same luminosity of fine diamond and be indistinguishable to natural diamond to the eye.

Fake Engagement Rings are Affordable

With fake diamond engagement rings, you can get lavish with your love. As mentioned above, ring manufactures today incorporate advanced technologies to design beautiful, stylish, and amazing fake rings that look real. You can purchase a real yet a manufactured or lab created diamond for less than half the price of a real diamond.

Use Fake Rings to Know What Your Partner Wants

At times, proposing to a loved one can be a complex process. Women love different types of rings in regards to style, color, and design. In this case, you can purchase fake rings to understand the preferences of your fiancé. You never want to buy an expensive ring that will not be appreciated. 

If you can get it right with a fake ring on your engagement, you can advance to original diamond wedding rings. A fake diamond ring helps you to stay off the hassles of dealing with the unknown.

What’s more, your partner will appreciate the fact that you proposed with a ring. It can be hard to tell the difference between a fake and a real ring unless she goes an extra mile to inquire.

Spell Happiness with a Surprise  

Fake engagement rings allow you to make a surprise proposal. A proposal is part of your love story. Tell it with a ring.

Many women love surprises and often dream of an engagement or wedding proposal. There are a lot of highly affordable, quality, stylish and modern fake diamond engagement ring to buy. 

Take time to find the most ideal ring, choose an ideal location and pull a surprise of a lifetime.

Shop with Your Partner 

Does your partner love shopping?  Take her to a jewelry shop and buy the best fake wedding rings. The shopping experience can be exciting as you sample different rings. Shopping also offers an opportunity for the two of you to bond. 

You can also shop online. There are plenty of shops that offer high-end engagement diamond rings. Explore the finest and purchase from the comfort of your couch.

Cubic zirconia rings that look real are the most ideal to settle for.

Faux diamond rings are perfect for travel or surprise proposals Luxuria
Photo 2: A Fake diamond ring is perfect for surprise marriage proposal and for use thereafter as travel ring – so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about loss or theft of your diamond ring.

Travel Comfortably

If you love to travel, fake engagement rings are vital. You can lose valuables on your trip. An engagement ring is not an exception.

When you plan a vacation, it is wise to wear a fake ring as it keeps safe the genuine diamond ring from theft or loss. Losing a real diamond ring will not only cost you loads of money but can also be an emotional experience.   In many respects the proposal ring is irreplaceable being the symbol of the start of a committed relationship. 

Therefore, as you plan your next vacation, purchase fake wedding rings or engagement rings that look and feel real. Remember, there are fake rings that will only take an expert to spot the difference. A fake ring will also give you the freedom to enjoy your trip. You will not worry about losing your ring as you travel.

Fake Rings are Cheaper 

Fake diamond rings are cheaper. They cost a fraction of what a genuine diamond ring would cost. Therefore, if you do not want to spend more as you propose, a fake ring will still paint a smile on her face.

To wow your partner, you can get a cheap fake engagement ring that is unique, resembles diamond or precious gems and has a perfect color. 

The cubic zirconia, for instance, sparkles like a diamond and resembles a real gem. It can also be fashioned into unique and amazing diamond shapes. Having one of the cubic rings will truly make a lasting impression and allows you to propose in style. 

Birthstone Engagement Rings Are In

Cubic zirconia (CZ) is also available in combination with coloured semi-precious gemstones and / or birthstones.  If your beloved has a bright and colourful side, you may believe that these great styles better express your love for your partner.  Elle, a worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin that focuses on fashion, recently reported that colourful birthstone engagement rings are 2019’s breakout wedding trend.

In Summary

While true love is not materialistic, having an exceptional fake diamond engagement ring allows you to propose and treasure the moment forever.  Check out our page for flawless diamond simulant engagement ring ideas. 

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