Our favourite wedding photos from 2017

If there’s one thing we love here at Luxuria diamonds, it’s a really gorgeous wedding.  While your wedding day won’t last forever, your wedding photos will.  You will want to look back on your wedding photos in 40 years and still love them.

Every year, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) rounds up the most breathtaking wedding photos its seen over the past 12 months.

ISPWP holds four photo competitions over the course of each year and chooses winners for 20 different categories each time, from “Wedding Details” to “Humour,” resulting in 80 first-place winners.  The society recently released the full list of first-place winners from 2017, and they’re completely gorgeous.

We include a selection of winning photos below and then ask the all-important question – what’s the best advice for couples who really want amazing and unique wedding photos?

Let there be light.

Let there be light. Photo by Johnny García, Johnny García Fotógrafo, Cáceres, Spain
Photo by Johnny García | Johnny García Fotógrafo | Cáceres, Spain

Tell me more, tell me more, did he……

Wedding Photos - Tell me more, tell more more, did he…… Photo by Christiaan de Groot, MooiBelicht Trouwreportages, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Photo by Christiaan de Groot | MooiBelicht Trouwreportages | Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tuscan Contrast.

Wedding Photos - Tuscan Contrast. Photo by Cristiano Ostinelli, Cristiano Ostinelli Studio, Lake Como, Italy
Photo by Cristiano Ostinelli | Cristiano Ostinelli Studio | Lake Como, Italy

Straying eyes.

Straying eyes. Photo by Julian Kanz, Julian Kanz Photography, Portofino, Liguria, Italy
Photo by Julian Kanz | Julian Kanz Photography | Portofino, Liguria, Italy

Lets Dance.

Lets Dance. Photo by Lu Minifeel, Minifeel Photography, Taipei, Taiwan
Photo by Lu Minifeel | Minifeel Photography | Taipei, Taiwan

Pre-wedding snapshot.

Pre-wedding snapshot. Photo by Christophe Viseux, Christophe Viseux, France
Photo by Christophe Viseux | Christophe Viseux | France

Wedding day emotion.

Wedding day emotion. Photo by Santi, Nou Enfoc, Barcelona, Spain
Photo by Santi | Nou Enfoc | Barcelona, Spain

The getting-ready triptych.

The getting-ready triptych. Photo by Emin Kuliyev, Emin Wedding Photography, New York City
Photo by Emin Kuliyev | Emin Wedding Photography | New York City, New York

A dance of joy.

A dance of joy. Photo by FengHe, Waimao studio, Shanghai, China
Photo by FengHe | Waimao studio | Shanghai, China

Aerial symphony of the heart.

Aerial Shot - Symphony of the heart. Photo by Marcis Baltskars, Marcis Baltskars, Riga, Latvia
Photo by Marcis Baltskars | Marcis Baltskars | Riga, Latvia

I’ll be fine Grandma!

I’ll be fine Grandma! Photo by Matteo Originale, fotoOri, Portofino, Italy
Photo by Matteo Originale | fotoOri | Portofino, Italy

Great Hall Assemblage.

Great Hall Assemblage. Photo by SV Photograph, Vancouver Island, Canada
Photo by SV Photograph | Vancouver Island, Canada

Advice for really amazing and unique wedding photos?

During interviews with leading wedding photographers the ISPWP regularly asks the question:


What’s the best advice to couples who want really amazing and unique wedding photos?


At Luxuria diamonds we think the answers various photographers give are both insightful and instructive so we reprint some of them below.

Cafa Liu, a Toronto, Ontario wedding photographer recommends “Just be yourself and try to be unaware of the photographer.  The wedding day is your day, it does not belong to the photographer.  The wedding photos are nothing if they are not coming from reality.”

Daniel Dumbrava, a Targoviste, Romania Wedding Photographer opines “Be there, be yourself, get in touch with your feelings, focus on the good moments during the day, do not worry about what is not important.  You have one day, one chance, to marry your one love! Of course choose a good photographer, someone who is able to connect with you, to see and understand what you want.  Choose the right photographer according to your style of life.”

Leslie Perret, a French wedding photographer echo’s earlier comments noting the best photos are realized when the couple are not stressed, stay casual, natural, and focused on their partner.

And finally, Katrin Küllenberg, a Düsseldorf, Germany wedding photographer and an ISPWP judge notes “The best pictures make you feel with the people in it.”

In sum, we conclude that the most amazing, unique and often emotive wedding photos are snapped when you are focused on your partner, not the photographer.  If your wedding day is soon we at Luxuria Diamonds wish you all the best and hope when you look back on your wedding photos in years to come they will bring you fond memories and great joy.

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