Lab created emerald engagement rings have all the beauty of their natural counterparts but without the hefty price tag.

Emerald gemstones have fascinated people since ancient times.   Not surprisingly, cultures from all over the world have developed a rich folklore around emeralds and stories of famous emeralds have captivated people for centuries.   Prominent women like Jackie O, Queen Elizabeth II, and Princess Diana have bejeweled themselves in emeralds.   Furthermore emerald is also the birthstone for May as well as the official 20th and 35th wedding anniversary stone.

High quality natural emeralds are far more expensive than typical middle market diamonds and so the market for synthetic emerald and synthetic emerald rings has blossomed in recent times.   Make no mistake, lab created emeralds are identical to natural ones in chemical composition and similar in appearance.   This means Lab created emerald engagement rings will have the same appearance and optical properties as natural ones.    Now you know why lab created emerald rings are growing in popularity!

Within this backdrop we are delighted to offer ASTORIA, a 1.4 carat lab created emerald ring from the Luxuria® jewelry brand.

Undoubtedly the star of this synthetic emerald ring is the 7mm round cut, approx. 1.4 carat green emerald gemstone.   Its color is just gorgeous.   Emeralds, like all colored gemstones are graded using four basic parameters–the four Cs of connoisseurship: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Normally, in the grading of colored gemstones, color is by far the most important criterion.   Depending on the lighting the ASTORIA lab emerald ring is seen to eye as having a medium dark / medium rich color.   Clarity is excellent, near flawless in fact without any visible inclusions.

We surround the synthetic emerald with a halo of diamond simulants, 16 round cut 0.01 carat (diamond equivalent weight) high quality cubic zirconia’s.   The light performance of the simulants helps bring alive the more intense and darker lab emerald.   For further sparkle 6 more 0.025 carat simulants are added to each shoulder of the ring band on these lab emerald engagement rings.

A hallmark of these lab created emerald engagement rings is the majestic cathedral setting.  The setting is reminiscent of the arches in doorways and ceilings of Gothic-style cathedrals, hence the name ‘cathedral.   An advantage of the cathedral set lab created emerald ring – beyond the distinctive raised profile of the central stones – is the setting works perfectly when stacking your synthetic emerald engagement ring with your wedding band or anniversary band.

And speaking of stacking, we should let you know that the Luxuria® PROMISSIO sterling silver half eternity ring is a perfect match for the ASTORIA.   A PROMISSIO anniversary / half eternity band either side of the ASTORIA really elevates the lab emerald ring to another dimension!

If you’d prefer affordable emerald engagement rings with a smaller emerald gemstone, check out the Luxuria EMERARUDO emerald green ring with its 0.8 carat center stone.   Further, if you’d prefer a cathedral halo design but with a clear / white stone, check out the Luxuria® EVA cathedral halo engagement ring with hidden side diamonds.

Dimensionally, these lab created emerald engagement rings have an overall 10mm (approx.) top width.   The band width of the engagement ring is approx. 2mm.   The synthetic emerald ring weighs an overall approx. 3.0 grams (ref. USA size 7) and is available (subject to stock) in USA ring sizes 4 to 10.

This lab created emerald ring is set in the finest quality, nickel free, 925 silver which is plated in rhodium to increase its shine and durability.   Rhodium is a very expensive precious metal, being a rarest member of the platinum family.


Recommended uses for this lab created emerald ring


The Luxuria ASTORIA 1.4 ct. lab grown emerald ring has been designed with various uses in mind.

These lab created emerald engagement rings are perfect for use as a placeholder or temporary engagement ring – to make a surprise marriage proposal with.  If she says yes, then you can shop together later for the real deal. This is the only way to guarantee she will get an engagement ring she wants and you don’t potentially lose thousands of dollars on a diamond ring she doesn’t like.

Some customers will purchase ASTORIA for travel purposes.    This is a clever idea for those who don’t want to risk taking a valuable and sometimes irreplaceable diamond ring on travels abroad, or pay high insurance premiums for the privilege to do so.

Or maybe this lab emerald ring is simply a very special well deserved treat for yourself!   Why not?   The ring pairs beautifully with a red, emerald or white colored dress or gown.  We offer a 30 day return on this lab created emerald ring – so if you don’t like it, return it for a refund.

In sum, for less than $70 you receive this synthetic emerald ring together with a beautiful deluxe black leatherette ring box, warranty and FREE United States (U.S.) or Canada shipping.  We also offer free shipping for these lab created emerald engagement rings to over 40 countries including the UK and most of the EU.

Act now. Don’t miss out. Be Brilliant with Luxuria®.

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