Why break the bank? 7 reasons to buy Realistic Fake Engagement Rings

Who needs realistic fake engagement rings when the real deal can last forever?  According to George E. Harlow of the American Museum of Natural History, diamonds really are forever.  One of the reasons diamonds are so expensive is that they are virtually indestructible.  But do you need your engagement ring to literally last forever?

There are plenty of reasons to buy fake engagement rings. Read on to learn why you don’t need to buy a diamond.

Why Are Diamonds So Expensive?

Imagine when people first discovered that you could cut multiple facets into a diamond.  The amazing colors and sparkling light must have been breathtaking.  The beauty alone made diamonds objects of desire.

The color and sparkle in a diamond is the result of refraction of light inside the diamond. As white light is split you see the different colors.  Slight movements in the relationship between your eye and the diamond produce beautiful effects rather like a tiny light show.

Natural diamonds are beautiful and so prices for diamonds were high.  As demand for natural diamonds grew so the rose. A simple case of demand and supply, you might think.

The problem is that the supply of diamonds is strictly controlled by producing countries and diamond merchants. They have an interest in keeping supply restricted in order to keep the prices high.  High prices are now less to do with the natural beauty of diamonds and more to do with scarcity value.

What is a Diamond Simulant Ring?

There are alternatives to natural diamonds.  Simulated diamonds, such as cubic zirconia, crystal glass and moissanite can be manufactured. Because they are not mined and the supply is not tightly controlled by the diamond industry they are a fraction of the price.

You might think that a simulated diamond can’t be as beautiful as a real mined diamond.  After all, even if the price is inflated by vested interests, the colors and light effects of a real diamond must be far superior. In fact, it’s very difficult to tell the difference.

A trained jeweler can distinguish a real and a simulated diamond.  Strange as it may seem it’s not because the real diamond is far superior. It’s the internal flaws in the natural diamond that betray its origins.

A simulated diamond is less expensive than a real diamond, flawless and beautiful too. These seem reason enough to buy one.  What other reasons do people have for buying realistic fake engagement rings?

1. Deters Pests

Many women find constantly being hit on by creepy guys annoying and sometimes even frightening.  These men seem to think that they are irresistible and take every opportunity to strike up conversations and even make suggestive comments.

Keeping the creeps at bay by suggesting that you are already in a serious relationship can be helpful.  Many women report that wearing a fake engagement ring helps deter such pests.  Wearing an engagement ring signals that they are not interested and certainly not available.  Don’t go to the expense of a real diamond ring when a beautiful simulated diamond ring will do the job just as well.

2. It’s Beautiful

Why wait until you get engaged to wear one of the most beautiful items of jewelry you’ll ever see?  Diamonds and their inexpensive alternatives, simulated diamonds, are undeniably gorgeous.  The play of light and color in an attractive setting is a special piece of jewelry.

A simulated diamond brings this attractive jewelry item into the price range of fashion jewelry.  You can even have simulated diamonds in settings with other colored gemstones. Have jewelry to go with different outfits and moods.

Luxuria® Diamonds is one of several brands that create realistic fake engagement rings using very high quality diamond simulants.   The above video features a 4 ct. cushion cut ACCAREZZARE halo engagement ring.


3. Propose Now and Choose Together Later

Buying an engagement ring can be a very stressful thing to do.  For a guy who very rarely buys any jewelry, the pressure is immense.  This has to be right if your bride is going to wear this highly symbolic ring for the rest of their life.

What if you get the decision wrong?  How does your bride-to-be tell you that they don’t like it?  And yet, you want them to have the ring they would choose for themselves.

Even if you could get over the discomfort of being told she hates the ring you chose what do you do about it?  A diamond engagement ring is an expensive item. Replacing the dud that you bought is going to hurt.

When you buy a diamond, you buy it at retail, which is typically a 100% to 200% markup. Therefore, as soon as you leave the jeweler with a diamond, it loses over 50% of its value. For this reason, retail jewelers especially the prestigious ones, prefer not to buy back diamonds from customers. This is because the offer they would make would most likely be considered insulting.

As soon as you leave the jeweler with a diamond, it loses over 50% of its value.  The message to guys is simple.  Don’t risk purchasing a diamond engagement ring she may hate.

The message to guys is simple.  Don’t risk purchasing a diamond engagement ring she may hate.   Propose with a realistic fake engagement ring instead.   If she says yes then congratulations.   In mutual agreement, when time permits and budget allows, shop for real deal together.   She will love that idea and honestly – it’s the only way to guarantee she gets a ring she wants.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail Newspaper, a British equivalent of a dollar store has sold 20,000 fake engagement rings which it says people are using as placeholders until they can afford to buy a real one.

A British dollar store which has sold 20,000 ‘fake engagement rings’ says people are using them as ‘placeholders’ until they can afford the real thing

The answer is to buy a realistic fake engagement ring.  Make the proposal in that special place, and the never to be repeated occasion and do it with a fake ring.  Then after the proposal, take your time, together, to choose the ring that will last a lifetime.

4. Lose It and Don’t Weep

Some people are accident prone.  Others are prone to lose things.  They are constantly losing phones, keys, and other belongings.

Most of these things are irritating and inconvenient things to lose but you get over it.  Losing an engagement ring is less trivial. The sentimental value and the monetary value make losing an engagement ring heartbreaking.

But how do you lose an engagement ring?  Some people remove their rings to wash dishes or put on hand cream. They put them down and then forget where they put them.

A fake engagement ring takes the fear and guilt out of losing a very expensive ring.  It can be easily replaced and you won’t weep about it.

5. Stops Speculation

Are you bombarded by curious questions about your relationship status?  You may feel happy to tell people but you may also feel that it’s none of their business.  Not all of us are comfortable talking about this to work colleagues, acquaintances or strangers.

This can feel like a personal and intrusive question.  You may have no intention of ever being married, have recently separated or just don’t want to discuss it.  Wear an inexpensive but realistic fake engagement ring and avoid the questions.

6. Real Diamonds Are Over Priced

A real diamond engagement ring is an expensive item.  Some people describe it as an investment thinking that jewelry is likely to accumulate in value.

A diamond ring is likely to lose a great deal of value the moment you buy it.  It becomes a second-hand engagement ring and there is a very small market for second-hand engagement rings.  Also, for an investment to have a return, it has to be sold and that really isn’t desirable in the case of an engagement ring.

Because diamonds have such an inflated price you may feel that you get better value with a beautiful simulated diamond.  Your money priorities may even be focused on setting up a home or planning a wedding.

7. Travel Security

While you may be comfortable wearing a real diamond engagement ring at home, when on vacation or traveling a simulated diamond may be the sensible substitute.  You are at greater risk of robbery or theft so reduce the losses by having a fake ring.

Buy Realistic Fake Engagement Rings

There are so many good reasons for buying realistic fake engagement rings you’ve just got to buy one.  They are so inexpensive, you can do it just for fun.

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