Are Sterling silver rings ok for a proposal?

We are often asked whether sterling silver rings are OK for a proposal?   The answer is yes and we are happy to provide some guidelines on silver engagement rings in this post.   

Thinking about proposing?    Congratulations and all the best.   Do you know which month of the year is the most popular one for getting engaged?  A survey done in the United States found that one-third of proposals happen on Christmas Eve and why not? People are in a festive mood!

You have plenty of options to choose from when deciding on the perfect ring for you.  Traditionally, when choosing an engagement ring, gold, white gold and platinum are popular choices.

However, there is another precious metal which you should not dismiss.  That precious metal is silver.  Today, anything goes and sterling silver rings are a popular, functional and affordable engagement ring choice.

If you are intrigued and want to consider sterling silver rings for engagement please read on.  Follow carefully the guidelines below to make the right choice.

Sterling silver rings – what you need to know

Silver as a precious metal is relatively soft and highly malleable.  While pure silver is even softer, it is unsuitable to craft into a durable engagement ring. Instead, 925 sterling silver should be considered as today it is the most popular choice for silver engagement and wedding rings.  Sterling silver rings are made up of ninety-two and a half percent silver and seven and a half percent copper.

It comes with profuse radiance, natural brightness and an inner glow silver can often be a more captivating than other metals. It is also the most affordable option when compared to white gold, platinum, and gold.   For those restricted to a budget, sterling silver rings can look like white gold but without the price tag of gold.

There are a variety of beautiful silver engagement ring styles to choose from. Each of which can be carefully handcrafted to suit your taste.

Possible Health Benefits?

Now here is something you may not have considered when doing research for silver engagement rings.  Some claim possible health benefits of silver. How amazing it is to know that your choice of a silver engagement ring may have significant health benefits!

Silver has been used for ages, across many different cultural backgrounds and is believed by some to be a powerful antimicrobial agent. This particular characteristic is said to help fight against infections, help prevent colds and flu, and even heals wounds. Another characteristic of silver is that it is thought to assist with internal heat regulation and circulation.

Some wearers of silver have even recounted that they have experienced improvements in their mood balances as well as their energy levels after wearing silver jewelry. Imagine having a piece of jewelry that reminds you of an unconditional bond created, one that is beautifully made, and has amazing health benefits.

In July 2016 the HuffPost carried an interesting article entitled “10 Silver Benefits and Uses Backed By Science”.   It makes a number of interesting claims about the benefits of silver.

While Luxuria® Diamonds makes no claims on health benefits associated with sterling silver rings we adore sterling silvers bright tone.   It’s a delight for us to use this precious metal to create silver engagement rings.

Sterling silver engagement rings cushion cut Luxuria
Photo:  A cushion cut diamond simulant engagement ring with halo.  Sterling silver rings are available in a huge variety of styles.   Look for silver rings with Rhodium plating as these are more durable. [ SOURCE: Luxuria Diamonds ]

Properties of Sterling Silver Rings

Some silver engagement rings are treated by a procedure known as “flashing.” During this procedure, the bands of the rings are plated with a thin coat of “fine” silver which is usually ninety-nine percent pure silver. This helps to give the ring a finished look that has extra lust and shine.

Other sterling silver rings are treated or plated with Rhodium.  Rhodium is a silver-white metallic element that is highly reflective and resistant to corrosion. It is considered one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals in the world. Pricing for Rhodium as a precious metal far exceeds gold and platinum.  The benefit of adding Rhodium plating to silver is that it increases the durability and shine of the ring.

All sterling silver engagement rings from the Luxuria® brand are rhodium plated. Rhodium plating assists to prevent scratches, improve colour quality and protect the wearer from possible metal allergies.

Some Advantages of Silver or Sterling Engagement Rings

There are a variety of interesting shapes and styles that can be formed from silver.  This is because silver is light but malleable.   This simply means that silver can be hammered or pressed into shape without breaking or cracking.

Sterling silver is an affordable and workable metal.   This gifts jeweler’s and designers alike with greater artistic freedom. Such creators can experiment with new styles and keep up with the latest trends.  Whether you’re searching for a grand statement piece or delicate and on-trend jewelry, you’re sure to find sterling silver rings that suit your style.

Because of its versatility and ease of being molded, some of the best engagement ring designs are sterling silver rings. If you have plans to personalize your engagement ring then sterling silver is the most ideal option to select.

Silver allows easy stamping and texturizing and has the possibility of developing a patina that will add some character to the ring. Your engagement ring can be worn with any clothing, any style and even other jewelry because of its beauty.

Although if not plated with Rhodium silver can be easily tarnished, a quick polish should bring back shine and luster to the ring. To prevent any damages or scratches, keep your ring in a section of your jewelry box by itself so it can maintain its beauty.

Celebrity size engagement ring in sterling silver Luxuria
Photo Above: Fancy a celebrity size 8+ carat emerald cut diamond simulant ring? Such engagement rings remain highly affordable when the jewelry is crafted from 925 sterling silver. [ SOURCE: Luxuria Diamonds ]

A Known Disadvantage of Silver or Sterling Engagement Rings 

While silver engagement rings have many advantages there are a few factors you need to consider since you will have this ring for a lifetime. 

Sterling silver rings are often softer which makes it more prone to scratching and bending. Silver is less durable than gold or platinum.  However, if you work with the right jeweler repairs to silver engagement rings are easy. 

There are several ways to make silver engagement rings more durable. The key one is to have the ring plated in rhodium.  

Another option is to have your jeweler curate the piece with a harder metal such as palladium. 

When you purchase a palladium-plated sterling silver ring you are getting a ring that is much stronger than one that has just copper added. If you are nervous about the durability of your ring then talk to your jeweler or buy rings that are already infused with palladium.


Sterling silver rings synthetic emerald gemstone

Photo Above:  Sterling silver engagement rings can be adorned with any stone you want.  Seen here is a round cut synthetic emerald gemstone paired with round cut cubic zirconia diamond simulants.  The ring is set in rhodium plated 925 silver.  [ SOURCE: Luxuria Diamonds ]

Silver rings can also be adorned with any stone you want. You have the option of choosing between cubic zirconia or a diamond as well as any other precious gemstone.   Sterling silver rings featuring a natural gemstone such as Amethyst, topaz or sapphire etc. are also popular.

So, Should I Propose with a Sterling Silver Ring?

Have a read of our article entitled Who Really Proposes with silver engagement Rings?   In this article we outline Five Reasons why Silver Engagement Rings are on-trend.  Beyond cost sterling silver rings can be used a temporary engagement ring to make a proposal with.   If she accepts, you can shop together with budget permits for the real deal.  She’ll love that idea!

Sales of sterling silver rings with cubic zirconia stones for marriage proposals have skyrocketed in recent years as more prospective grooms seek to eliminate the risk and possible financial loss of buying the wrong natural diamond gemstone ring.

IF you are confused about how to match a sterling silver ring to her or your finger please read this article. We discuss how to match your sterling silver engagement ring to her.   We cover different ring cuts and shapes and consider different size hands and fingers should influence your silver engagement ring choice.

Are Cheap Engagement Rings OK?

There are no rules when it comes to selecting engagement rings.   What matters is that you and your partner love it – and can afford it!     The good news is that lots of equally eye catching non-diamond alternatives are readily available.    In fact, there are numerous options for sterling silver engagement rings that look expensive.

Cheap engagement ring next to bride and groom

Photo Above:  Sterling silver engagement rings are perfect for use as temporary or placeholder rings for a surprise marriage proposal.   Subsequently the ring can be used as a travel ring, so you don’t risk losing a more valuable ring whilst on vacation.  [Source:   Luxuria Diamonds]


Furthermore, cheap does not necessarily mean low quality – but it does mean alternative materials.  For example instead of a platinum band, a silver band may be used.  Silver is still a precious metal and will last a lifetime if looked after.  Higher quality sterling silver rings will be plated in rhodium which is another precious metal.   Check out this blog on low cost engagement rings for more information.


A Final Look at Silver Engagement Rings

When making your final decision on silver engagement rings, make sure you consider all the benefits as well as the downsides.

Whatever style that you like you have the option of getting a ring that is adorned with a Cubic Zirconia or a natural diamond. It is all about your budget and taste.

Silver is known to have health benefits and this is one of the more unusual benefits of choosing it for your engagement ring. If you are health conscious and prefer to wear a metal that is unlikely to cause any harm when worn daily then silver is a great choice for you.

Silver rings have the potential to be just as beautiful as gold rings and just as durable. The upside too is that they also tend to be more affordable. 

Sterling silver rings are perfect for a surprise marriage proposal.  Since you don’t need to ask anyone for ring advice your proposal can be a complete surprise.

Further sterling silver rings also make great travel companions as there’s no need for costly insurance or to worry about heart breaking diamond loss or theft.

With that being said its time to gather your funds and start making informed decisions about your silver engagement ring. If you would like help with choosing a ring, please contact us.

Want to Learn More?

Sales of Silver and fake diamond rings which largely use cubic zirconia and are set in 925 sterling silver have skyrocketed in recent years.   In this article we discuss why.   One key reason is that prospective grooms are seeking to eliminate the financial loss of buying the wrong natural diamond engagement ring. 

Here are five reasons why sterling silver and CZ engagement rings are on trend for 2020.

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We also welcome any comments you have on the topic of Are Sterling silver rings ok for a proposal?  Please use the comments section below.

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