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PHOTO: Welcome to your Luxuria Wishlist. Above is photo of Luxuria ‘s VITTORIA, a 2 carat princess cut ring.

Welcome to your Luxuria Wishlist for Luxuria® diamond simulant and gemstone engagement rings.   We understand that sometimes customers are interested in buying stuff, but at a later date.  Your favourite products will be saved here on the Luxuria Wishlist so you can find them quickly and easily at a later time to buy.

To add a product to your Luxuria Wishlist click the ADD TO WISHLIST button below the Add to Cart on the product page. 

Share the Wishlist with relatives and friends for Christmas, birthdays and similar occasions so they can buy one of the products from the list and know its perfect for you!

Please be aware that as a brand we rarely (if ever) have sales.   We believe in pricing our product fairly to consumers from the get-go rather than baiting customers with huge discounts off inflated retail prices.   Such practise while widely used in eCommerce damages brand reputation and negatively impacts the perceived value and quality of products.   We at Luxuria Diamonds refuse such practise.

Luxuria® Diamonds offers FREE economy shipping to the United States, the United Kingdom and to more than 30 other countries.   For more details please visit the Luxuria Jewellery FAQ Page.

If you are interested to learn more about us please read our Luxuria About Us page.   There you will learn more about our brand (we started with a kiss), our professional memberships and awards.   Learn why Luxuria Diamonds offers some of the highest quality diamond simulant and gemstone engagement rings available.

Thank you for your interest in our products.

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