Looking for a Fake Engagement Ring?

Looking for a fake engagement ring try Luxuria Diamonds

Buying a fake engagement ring is notoriously complex.

Will you get the high quality you expect?

Is it value for money?

Is the supplier reputable?

Are you buying something as deeply special as you want it to be?


If you like the idea of buying a fake engagement ring of high quality materials that closely resembles an actual diamond for a price that is stunningly reasonable – then congratulations, you have arrived at the right place, Luxuria® Diamonds.

Why buy a Fake Engagement Ring?

Temporary engagement rings are increasingly popular in the USA and elsewhere with would-be grooms who feel its best to propose with a placeholder ring and then shop together later for the ‘real deal’.  Who wants to risk spending thousands of dollars on a diamond ring she may hate?

A fake engagement ring is also perfect as a travel ring for protection against loss of the real thing.  How many times do you hear about a bride who’s come home from her honeymoon devastated that her new diamond is now floating at the bottom of an azure blue sea in the Caribbean somewhere?

Finally, some women find that faux engagement rings can be useful in the office and elsewhere for keeping creeps at bay by suggesting that you are already in a serious relationship.

Why Luxuria Diamonds?

We use only the very best diamond simulant, all top graded in cut, colour and clarity. With Luxuria®, the very highest standard comes as standard.

There is a reason why our diamond simulant engagement rings at not Amazon.com or AliExpress specials selling for just $9.99.

That reason is we want our faux engagement rings to look exactly like the real deal – an authentic natural diamond engagement ring.

This is important, because when you propose to your beloved or want a travel ring or a ring for the office you don’t what something that screams fake!

You don’t want to wear a ring that screams FAKE!

Let’s be honest, very cheap diamond simulant engagement rings are a compromise.  The manufacturer is able to offer very low prices because the quality of materials used to manufacture the ring are also very low.  Usually the quality grade of the cubic zirconia, crystal or other diamond simulant is low.  Worse still the setting might not even be silver or contain nickel.  Nickel can cause allergic reactions including itching, redness, tenderness and swelling to the wearer’s skin.

As a reputable supplier in the industry we work hard to educate our customers.  Perhaps one of the most common questions we receive is: “why should we buy your rings and why are they more expensive than others I see online?”

The answer is because we pride ourselves on the superior quality of each and every diamond simulant engagement ring we supply.  We are always happy to explain that there is in fact a wide variance in the quality of material used in the industry.

Fake engagement ring Luxuria 2 carat solitaire diamond simulant
Photo 1: Luxuria® LUMIERE 2.04 ct. solitaire diamond simulant ring

Why a fake engagement ring from Luxuria® is special?

It’s a common misconception that all cubic zirconia diamond simulant stones are the same.  In fact, just like natural mined diamonds, there are a number of Quality Levels, and accordingly there is a corresponding range of price points for these beautiful diamond look-alikes.


Like natural diamond gemstones, diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia stones are graded according to carat, color, clarity and cut, but use a scale of A to AAAAA, A being the lowest and AAAAA (‘5A’) being the highest.  While 5A is the best grade among machine-cut CZ, even higher grading is possible via hand-cut.  Hand-cut cubic zirconia quality is dependent on the technique and the experience of the professional cutting the stone.  A hand-cut CZ, cut with improper technique will not have the brilliance of a diamond.  This is why it’s so important, when shopping for hand-cut CZ to purchase from a reputable jeweler or supplier.

If cut properly, a hand-cut cubic zirconia will have the same luminosity of fine diamond and be indistinguishable to a jeweler, even with a loupe.

A Luxuria® diamonds fake engagement ring which carries the LUX hallmark surpasses industry cubic zircon 5A standard.  The stones are near colorless (D color) and internally flawless.  Further, selected round stones feature an extreme precision “Hearts and Arrows” (H&A pattern) / super ideal cut for maximum light performance and fire.  In sum, they look real!

Fake engagement ring Luxuria customer reference Lebanon
Fake engagement ring Luxuria customer reference USA

Three ways Luxuria represents great value

The value of our imitation diamond engagement rings goes much deeper than a typical US$100 investment for a ring that looks like it’s worth US$10,000 as in the case of our 2.04 ct. LUMIERE solitaire engagement ring.

Read below three reasons why Luxuria jewelry represents such outstanding value for money.

  1. We use precious Rhodium plated 925 sterling silver. Rhodium is a rare, silver-white hard metal in the platinum family on the periodic table. It’s highly reflective and holds the distinction of being one of the most expensive precious metals in the world. Rhodium increases shine, luster and durability and looks a lot like white gold. Rhodium plating will also make the metal more scratch resistant and less prone to tarnishing. However, perhaps the biggest upside to expensive rhodium plating is it’s completely nickel free, making it hypoallergenic.
  2. We use only the very best diamond simulant, all top graded in cut, colour and clarity.  With Luxuria®, the very highest standard comes as standard.  Our LUX hallmark cubic zirconia engagement rings are faceted in the same manner as diamonds with a cut that is responsible for the “Oh wow, I can’t believe how much it sparkles” factor.
  3. We present your fake engagement ring beautifully.  Luxuria jewelry adds value by accommodating each ring in premium quality classic leatherette hinged, ring box.  The box is decorated with a fine gold art logo with a suede bed and satin or silk top finish – all of which screams Luxury.

Our Top Selling Fake Engagement Rings

Which fake engagement ring should you buy?  Well, the answer to that question is deeply personal and yours alone to make. But here are some tips.

Guys looking for a proposal ring, placeholder, holding band or a temporary engagement ring for their beloved might wish to consider traditional solitaire designs as such designs are classic and timeless and look great on nearly all fingers.

Ladies looking for a fake diamond ring for travel are also recommended to keep the design simple and classic.  Overly ornate or complex designs can be damaged more easily.  Married woman sometimes opt for a twin band set which contains a silver wedding band plus a solitaire faux diamond engagement ring.  The Luxuria LUMINESCE set is a great example.

Warranty & FREE shipping to USA and 30 countries

Luxuria® Diamonds stands behind its products by offering a 90 Day Limited Warranty on all fake engagement ring products.

Further, we offer FREE economy shipping to the USA and 30 other countries as well.    Express shipping via FedEx is also available if your delivery requirements are time sensitive.

Memberships & Awards

The Luxuria brand is owned by Stylabs Limited of New Zealand, a multi-award winning jewelry wholesaler of fine and fashion Jewellery.  Stylabs is a member of the Prestigious Jewelers’ and Watchmakers Association of New Zealand (JWNZ) and a professional member of the International Gemological Society (IGS), USA.

Luxuria is a member of the prodigious Jewellers & Watchmakers Association of New Zealand
Luxuria 2017 Award - Parties & Celebrations
Luxuria - 2018 most popular award
Luxuria is a member of the International Gem Society