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Beautifully slender, incredibly
scintillating, this dual band white
diamond simulant engagement
ring with a 2.04 carat prong set
central stone has more radiance,
more presence and admiration
from any angle.  Luxuria® uses
the very best diamond simulants,
the most sparkling, the most
colorless and flawless we can
source to deliver a simulated
diamond ring that looks so
realistic that it will fool
almost anyone.
USD 79.


Only the best diamond simulants are used in Luxuria engagement rings


As a reputable supplier in the industry we use only the very best diamond simulants, all top graded in cut, colour and clarity.  With Luxuria®, the very highest standard comes as standard.

Luxuria - if you are not happy, neither are we


Put simply, if you’re not happy then neither are we.  Find out about product warranty and returns or ask us a question via our contact form.  We’ll get back to you with the answers you need as soon as possible.

Luxuria engagement rings offer tremendous value


Fancy a US$100 ring that looks like its worth US$10,000? Our value? Luxuria skilfully uses precious metals and materials to deliver beautifully packaged affordable engagement rings.

Luxuria gemstone engagement rings





Natural and Lab created gemstone engagement rings from the Luxuria Diamonds brand are beautifully accented with natural diamond or diamond simulants.  Sometimes a clear diamond just doesn’t convey your or her personality.  Colored gemstones offer couples the chance to create a ring that is a little more unique and individualized.  We recommend selecting a stone which has special significance to you, perhaps your or your fiancé’s birthstone or a gemstone in your favorite color.  CLICK the purple button below to view Luxuria’s collection of colored gemstone engagement rings.

Luxuria simulated diamond ring






Luxuria offers simulated diamond rings of exceptional quality.  In a review by BRIDES (USA) entitled; The 20 Best Fake Engagement Rings of 2023,  BRIDES wrote of the Luxuria® LUMIERE fake diamond ring; “This classic solitaire ring features a Tiffany-inspired band, with a traditional round-cut stone.  Set in sterling silver, it’s durable and realistic-looking and will fool almost anyone.”  If you’re looking to invest in a diamond simulant ring that will truly have the look and feel of fine diamonds, we encourage you to choose Luxuria.  CLICK Luxuria’s simulated diamond ring collection button below.

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Luxuria offers exceptionally high quality diamond simulant rings delivered directly to your door.  Welcome to more sparkle and less stress.  Be brilliant with Luxuria®.

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