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Photo:  Buying an engagement ring online saves you time and money – but do carefully research the support offered.

When buying an engagement ring online post-sales support is important. Put simply, if you’re not happy then neither are we.

If you’re curious about buying an engagement ring online, then first; congratulations on being in love. We’re happy for you.  Now, on to the important question – how to decide where to buy it from?  Ask yourself these three questions to help you decide.

What is the reputation of the jewelry supplier?

Sadly the internet is rife with scams and fake sites, but with fine jewelry specifically, buyers really do rely heavily on the integrity of the seller because they are buying an engagement ring online, sight unseen.

Make sure you’re working with a reputable jeweler who is bound by a robust code of ethics and code of conduct.  One quick way to assess this is to ask the seller whether they hold membership or accreditation with a Jewellery association?  This is important because Jewellery associations will require members to uphold at all times the tradition and integrity of the Jewellery industry, and conduct themselves and their business in such a manner that will reflect credit to the Association, their fellow members and the entire industry. It will also bind members to higher standards of service and require a documented complaints procedure to seek resolution where customer expectations are not met.

Luxuria® is a member of the Prestigious Jewellers and Watchmakers of New Zealand Association (JWNZ).  The Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand Inc. (JWNZ) was formed in 1983, from an amalgamation of the Jewellers Association of New Zealand Inc, formed 1944, and the New Zealand Horological Institute, formed in 1936.  Members are required to abide by a strict Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

Return policy when buying an engagement ring online?

Reputable suppliers want you to be satisfied with your purchase.  A return policy is good business for brick-and-mortar stores, and it’s essential to doing business online.  Unlike visitors to brick-and-mortar stores, online consumers don’t get to see and hold the physical product before they buy it.  So e-commerce sites must ensure that their return policies are fair and appealing to their customers.

When buying online always look for a clear and concise return policy gives you a feeling of security; that what you are buying is guaranteed to be what it is represented to be.  If a retailer doesn’t give this guarantee, then shop elsewhere.

Luxuria Jewellery should meet or exceed your expectations.  However, if you are not happy with your purchase, we offer the following return policy.  Subject to some conditions [please read our FAQ – CLICK HERE] Jewellery may be returned for refund or exchanged within thirty (30) days of receiving your package.

Luxuria AMÉTHYSTE 3.7 ct. Amethyst gemstone engagement ring
Photo:  The Luxuria AMÉTHYSTE engagement ring features a 3.7 ct. natural amethyst central gemstone

What warranty is offered?

A warranty is essentially a contractual agreement that the goods or services someone is selling will be of a particular quality and without defect for a defined period of time.  A warranty may be used to give assurances to the customer about product quality thereby reducing the perceived risk in buying it.  When buying an engagement ring online always look for warranty details.

Its sadly notable that many diamond simulant engagement ring suppliers offer no warranty at all.

Luxuria jewellery stands behind its products by offering a 90 Day Limited Warranty.

Luxuria Jewellery warrants all products against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for a period of 90 days from the date of original purchase.  During these warranty periods, if a defect arises in the product, and you follow the instructions to return the product, Luxuria will, at its option, to the extent permitted by law, either (i) repair, (ii) replace with the same or similar product in new or similar condition, or (iii) issue a store credit or refund for the purchase price of the product.  Luxuria Jewellery shall have no obligation to repair, replace, or refund until the defective product is returned to Luxuria.  A replacement product assumes the remaining warranty of the original product.  When a refund or a store credit is given, the returned product becomes Luxuria’s property.  For more details on our warranty please read our FAQ [CLICK HERE].

How to contact Luxuria?

For any form of customer support including requests to return product or claim warranty simply click the below button.  We aim to make buying an engagement ring online a pleasant and fulfilling experience.

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