Looking for a cubic zirconia halo engagement ring set for a marriage proposal, travel or a well-earned treat for yourself?   Look no further.

Say hello Regis.    Regis is latin for ‘regal’, ‘ruler’ or ‘kingly’ and its an apt name for this majestic bridal ring set / wedding sets from the Luxuria® jewelry brand.

The cubic zirconia halo engagement ring set comprises of two separate but matched rings.

First is the engagement ring.   A hallmark of the engagement ring is the majestic cathedral setting.  The setting is reminiscent of the arches in doorways and ceilings of Gothic-style cathedrals, hence the name ‘cathedral.   At the top of the bands arch sits the main stone with a halo – reminiscent of the floating regal crown, fit for the princess which you surely are.

An advantage of the cathedral set cubic zirconia halo engagement ring – beyond the distinctive raised profile of the central stones – is the setting works perfectly when stacking your engagement ring with your wedding band or anniversary band.

The second ring in this halo cubic zirconia ring set is a wedding or anniversary band.  The silver anniversary band which is sometimes called a half eternity ring is handcrafted and polished to exacting standards.  It features fifteen 0.025 carat (0.37 ct. t.w.) round cut diamond simulant stones which are handset into the finest quality rhodium plated 925 sterling silver.

Doubtlessly the star of this CZ halo ring set is the cathedral set engagement ring itself.   Set in the finest quality, nickel free, 925 silver which is plated in rhodium to increase its shine and durability.   Rhodium is a very expensive precious metal, being a rarest member of the platinum family.

A benefit of using expensive rhodium plating is that it’s hypoallergenic. Rhodium is hypoallergenic because it does not contain nickel that can cause serious skin reactions. It actually guards against other metals alloyed with nickel to keep your skin safe. If you have a nickel allergy or just want to protect your skin, then rhodium is an excellent choice for you.

The CZ halo engagement ring stars a 7mm round or approx. 1.28 carat centre stone.  The round cut central stone is cubic zirconia with a special Star cut.  The cut when seen through a viewer has a Hearts and Arrows (H&A) pattern with eight hearts and eight arrows.   This is typically only found in real diamonds that meet the American Gem Society Laboratories’ “0” Ideal Cut specifications.  Furthermore, the central stone is near colorless (D in color) and internally flawless (IF).

A benefit of the special H&A cut comes in the form of light performance that is maximized by the precise alignment of the facets.  A higher degree of optical precision translates to produce sparkle which is larger in size, brighter, and more vivid.  In short, it ranks as among the best diamond simulants available.   In fact, our simulants used in our CZ halo engagement ring set are visibly whiter and brighter than many natural mined diamonds you’ll find mounted in your typical ‘middle market’ engagement ring.   Not bad for just US$99!

The halo on this cubic zirconia halo engagement ring set consists of sixteen round stones which beautifully complement the central stone.  The ring has an overall 10mm (approx.) top width. The band has 6 x 0.025 carat round CZ stones on each shoulder.    The band width on each ring in this CZ bridal ring set is approx. 2mm.   The halo cubic zirconia ring weighs an overall approx. 3.2 grams (ref. USA size 7) and the wedding band approx. 1.5 grams (ref. USA size 7).  This CZ halo ring set is available (subject to stock) in USA ring sizes 4 to 10.

If you are interested in stacking, the our Luxuria® PROMISSIO simulated diamond anniversary rings are a perfect match this ring.  See a photo of the pairing in the media library.  You might also be interested in our Luxuria® EVA, a 1.5 carat cathedral halo engagement ring.


Recommended uses for this CZ halo ring set


The Luxuria REGIS CZ round halo engagement ring set has been designed with various uses in mind.

This cubic zirconia halo engagement ring set is perfect for use as a placeholder or temporary engagement ring set – to make a surprise marriage proposal with. If she says yes, then you can shop together later for the real deal. This is the only way to guarantee she will get an engagement ring she wants and you don’t potentially lose thousands of dollars on a diamond ring she doesn’t like.

This halo cubic zirconia ring set is also perfect as a travel ring set for those who don’t want to risk taking a valuable and sometimes irreplaceable diamond ring on travels abroad, or pay high insurance premiums for the privilege to do so.

Or maybe this CZ halo ring set is simply a very special well deserved treat for yourself or a gift for mothers day! We think this high quality cz halo engagement rings set is a real treat for a loved one. Moreover, if the ring doesn’t impress you or the recipient, it can be returned within 30 days of receipt.

In sum,  for less than $100 you receive this cubic zirconia halo ring set together with a beautiful deluxe black leatherette ring box, a separate black packer box with Luxuria’s gold embossed logo and a product warranty.  We offer FREE U.S. and Canada shipping.   We also offer free shipping for this Cubic zirconia halo engagement ring set to over 40 countries including the UK and most of the EU.

Act now. Don’t miss out. Be Brilliant with Luxuria®.

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