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It started with a kiss…

It started with a kiss, in a backrow at the movies.

It was followed by a whirlwind courtship.

But then I made an epic mistake.

A proposal without a ring.

A proposal without a ring is a mistake

I thought a proposal without a ring was a logical thing to do.  If you step back and think rationally about it how’s a guy who knows squat about Jewelry to begin with supposed to ace the perfect choice of diamond engagement ring for his beloved?

The stats said it all.  72% of women say they wouldn’t trust their partner to choose their engagement ring.

So I thought a proposal without a ring was the answer.  I imagined that after she accepted my proposal we could shop for the diamond engagement ring together.  This would ensure see gets what she wants – and only she knows that.

A proposal without a ring was however a mistake.  She said yes, but I could also see she was expecting to be presented with a ring.  Old traditions die hard.

Sure, your declaration of love and request for a lifetime commitment should be more important than whether or not you’re bearing jewelry.  But, to many, an engagement won’t seem 100 percent legit unless she’s got an engagement ring to show for it.

A proposal isn’t complete without a little something sparkly

We reduce groom stress

My epic mistake of making proposal of marriage without a ring led to a business idea.  Why not create for prospective grooms a range of affordable fake engagement rings?  These rings should look exactly like the real thing so a proposal without a ring is no longer necessary.

The idea solves three problems.

First, you don’t have to risk spending thousands of dollars on a diamond engagement ring that she may hate.  The diamond ring may not suit her tastes and may not fit properly.

Second, you don’t have a proposal without a ring.  The ring you present is highly affordable but of such high quality that only a jeweler could tell the difference.  She takes one look and cries out “WOW”, followed hopefully with “yes”!

Third, you’ve claimed her with a temporary engagement ring.  Later when budget allows and time permits you can shop for the real deal together.  She’ll love that idea.   This ensures she gets what she wants.  Further, your placeholder ring is not wasted because it can take on a second life as a travel ring.


“Let’s face it: Getting down on one knee and asking someone to spend the rest of her life with you can be pretty daunting!”


But imagine her disappointment if you present her with an expensive diamond ring that she doesn’t like.  A temporary CZ engagement ring can take some of the stress out of popping the question.

Proposal without a ring. Dont do it. Use a CZ engagement ring from Luxuria

We are Luxuria® Diamonds

Luxuria Diamonds offers exceptionally high quality diamond simulant engagement rings delivered directly to your door.  Welcome to more sparkle and less stress

Established in New Zealand in 2013 the Luxuria® Jewellery brand quickly found its way into high street Jewellery stores.  The brand created a buzz in fashion circles – with the product having the presentation of classical fine Jewellery without the usual price point.

The Luxuria range is created in the finest quality rhodium plated 925 Sterling Silver and the range is handset with natural precious and / or semi-precious gemstones and / or very high grade diamond simulants.  In additional to proposal rings Luxuria also offers a range of gemstone birthstone rings.

Each item is presented in a high quality leatherette Jewellery box.  Each box features a plush interior and a separate two piece packer box.

The Luxuria brand strives to remain true to its core value and promise of affordable and accessible luxury.  The brand ships to over 100 countries internationally.  Luxuria Diamonds offers FREE shipping to the United States (USA), the United Kingdom (UK) and to 30 other countries.   Welcome to more sparkle and less stress!   Be brilliant with Luxuria®.


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Membership & Awards

The Luxuria brand is owned by Stylabs Limited of New Zealand, a multi-award winning jewelry wholesaler of fine and fashion jewellery.  Stylabs is a member of the Prestigious Jewellers and Watchmakers Association of New Zealand (JWNZ) and a professional member of the International Gemological Society (IGS), USA.

Luxuria is a member of the prodigious Jewellers & Watchmakers Association of New Zealand
Luxuria - 2018 most popular award
Luxuria 2017 Award - Parties & Celebrations
Luxuria is a member of the International Gem Society