Luxuria Jewellery Brand

Luxuria Jewellery Brand - PROMEISA dual band diamond simulant engagement ring
Photo:  The Luxuria Jewellery brand strives to offer affordable and accessible luxury.  Seen above is the PROMEISA dual band diamond simulant engagement ring

LUXURIA (n) is Latin for lust and in modern parlance means extravagance, luxury and thriving condition – all of which underpins our ideas on Jewellery design, creation and the expression of modern luxury.

We believe people should be moved by Jewellery, be inspired, fall in love with an object that speaks intimately to them and evokes feelings of desire and pleasure.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Wellington New Zealand the Luxuria Jewellery brand quickly found its way into high street Jewellery stores and created a buzz in fashion circles – with the product having the presentation of classical fine Jewellery without the usual price point.  Products in the Luxuria Jewellery range are crafted in the Gemopolis Jewellery industry zone outside Bangkok in southern Thailand where other global brands such as Pandora® are also manufactured.


The Luxuria range is created in the finest quality rhodium plated 925 Sterling Silver and is handset with natural precious and / or semi-precious gemstones and / or high grade diamond simulants.  Careful attention is paid to the quality of the diamond simulants used because we strive hard to offer temporary and placeholder engagement rings that look like the real deal for your marriage proposal.  If cut properly, a hand-cut cubic zirconia will have the same luminosity of fine diamond and be indistinguishable to a jeweler, even with a loupe.

Each Luxuria jewellery brand ring is presented in a premium quality classic Leatherette hinged, ring box.  The box is decorated with a fine gold art logo with a suede bed and satin or silk top finish.  A discreet plain white two piece packer box is also provided to protect and conceal the actual ring box.  When popping the BIG question, you only get one chance to get it right.  A high quality Luxuria diamond simulant engagement ring ensconced in a premium package will completely wow her and make the proposal memorable.  Don’t settle for less.

The Luxuria Jewellery brand strives to remain true to its core value and promise of affordable and accessible luxury and is available at selected Jewellery stores and Bridal Boutiques throughout New Zealand and ships to over 100 countries internationally.

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The Luxuria Jewellery Brand is from New Zealand