Fake Diamond Rings

Fake diamond rings that look real from the Luxuria jewellery brand
Photo:  Luxuria’s D’SACRAMENTUM.  A 2.04 ct. pink diamond simulant engagement ring with box.

Why not fake it until you can make it with high quality “fake diamond rings” from the Luxuria® Jewellery brand?  Our fake diamond rings look so real that only a Jeweler could tell the difference.

Beyond having some amazing bling for your finger there is a rapidly growing trend in the USA and elsewhere of proposing with fake diamond rings, sometimes also called a temporary, placeholder or proposal engagement rings. This is a highly effective way for prospective grooms to eliminate the huge risk of buying the wrong engagement ring.

Our Three Top Selling Fake Diamond Rings

Five reasons why fake diamond rings are so popular



1.   Guys are buying them for proposals

Once upon a time a traditional marriage proposal typically played out like this. Your partner would bend down on one knee, request your hand in marriage and then present a sparkling diamond ring.

But how’s a guy who knows squat about jewelry supposed to ace the diamond engagement ring choice?

In some cases it’s a fail. The internet is awash with forums and message boards where women vent their frustration. They are disappointment over their partner’s choice of diamond engagement ring.  In one recent survey 72% of women say they wouldn’t trust their partner to choose their diamond engagement ring.

Enter one raison d’être of fake diamond rings. It’s a ring for her to wear until the “real” ring is found – ideally together, because only she knows what she wants.


2.   So he can make a surprise proposal

“Will you marry me?” According to the Knot survey (2017) 91 percent of US grooms propose with these words.  Those four little words can turn the most level-headed person into a ball of jitters—and who can blame them?  To say asking the love of your life to spend forever with you is nerve-racking would be an understatement.

Beyond hoping they’ll say “yes,” there’s pressure to have a great story to tell your loved ones and future family.  The key to that is to keep the whole proposal plan a complete secret and a surprise!

One in three marriage proposals in America are a surprise.  Even though you’ve discussed getting married, the marriage proposal itself can – and should – be a surprise.  Fake diamond rings solve the problem of surprise. You don’t have to ask her what style of engagement ring she likes because you can shop together later for the “forever ring.”


3.  A “Travel Ring” to control potential loss

Wearing fake diamond rings will guarantee the larger investment of a diamond engagement or wedding ring remains intact.  There are just too many risks while on the road. Examples:

You could attract the wrong kind of attention.

You could leave the ring on a nightstand inside your hotel room.

You could lose a piece of the ring’s diamond set while engaging in a new activity.

Sometimes rings and / or precious stones are heirlooms. These may have passed down through families over generations. Such rings are simply irreplaceable, so travel insurance is of little comfort.

Leaving the ring secured in a safe or safety deposit box at home ensures none of this will happen. So consider that before departure.


4.  To keep creeps at bay

Some women find that faux diamond engagement rings can be useful in the office and elsewhere for keeping creeps at bay by suggesting that you are already in a serious relationship. Women report that wearing imitation engagement rings significantly reduces the number of people who hit on them. What a sad world!


5.  To complete your look

Its Friday night cocktails and with dress on and make up applied you are searching for a bit of bling to complete your look.  For those who like to show off the beauty of their rings, a fake diamond ring acts as a great stand-in. Cubic zirconia is the go-to stand-in for traditional diamonds, and many look indistinguishable from the real thing.  Fake diamond rings can complete your look without emptying your wallet. Hello beautiful.

Fake Diamond Rings that look real


Our fake diamond rings are virtually indistinguishable from a diamond with the naked eye.  Only your jeweller can tell the difference!


Did you know that like diamond, cubic zirconia stones which we use in our fake diamond rings are graded according to carat, color, clarity and cut?  They are graded on a scale from A to AAAAA, A being the lowest and AAAAA (or 5A) being the highest.  While 5A is the best grade among machine-cut CZ, even higher grading is possible via hand-cut.

Luxuria® Cubic Zirconia engagement rings which have the LUX hallmark surpass industry standards for AAAAA.  Furthermore, white stones are near colorless (D color) and internally flawless.  Round stones feature an ideal cut to “Hearts and Arrows” for maximum fire.  Don’t settle for less.

Our Three Top Selling Fake Engagement Rings

Warranty & FREE shipping to USA and 30 countries


Luxuria® Diamonds stands behind its products by offering a 90 Day Limited Warranty  on all fake engagement rings.

Further, we offer FREE economy shipping on all fake diamonds rings to the USA and 30 other countries as well.

Please visit our FAQ page [CLICK HERE] if you are interested in more details.

What our Customers Say

Fake diamond rings Luxuria customer feedback Lebanon
Fake Diamond Rings Luxuria customer feedback USA

Memberships & Awards

The Luxuria brand is owned by Stylabs Limited of New Zealand, a multi-award winning jewelry wholesaler of fine and fashion Jewellery. Stylabs is a member of the Prestigious Jewelers’ and Watchmakers Association of New Zealand (JWNZ) and a professional member of the International Gemological Society (IGS), USA.

Luxuria is a member of the prodigious Jewellers & Watchmakers Association of New Zealand
Luxuria - 2018 most popular award
Luxuria is a member of the International Gem Society

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All summed that’s a lot of benefits for a very small investment.

If you would like read more about the benefits of fake diamonds rings click our article called “Why we love fake engagement rings and you should too”.  or click the “Shop Now” above to view our full collection of fake diamond rings.

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