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This is VITTORIA, a 2 carat solitaire princess cut diamond simulant ring from the Luxuria Jewellery brand.

Vittoria is an Italian name and it means to conquer or to be victorious and a hallmark of our silver princess cut engagement ring design is the prominent V (for victory) prong setting which wraps around the central stones edges to protect it what is typically one of the most vulnerable parts of a diamond simulant.   Another advantage of V-prongs is that they do not cover as much of the area at the top of the stone as regular prongs do, leaving more of the gemstone’s surface visible.

And speaking of the solitaire stone, this princess cut diamond simulant ring features a stunning 7mm square, approx. 1.96 carat in equivalent diamond carat weight princess cut white diamond simulant.  Our diamond simulants (cubic zirconia) are created in a laboratory under ideal conditions and having no impurities they are considered internally flawless (IF) and colorless (D color).   As such our diamond simulants possess the optical qualities of the finest quality diamonds unearthed.  In fact, they are visibly whiter and brighter than most natural diamonds you’ll find mounted in your typical ‘middle market’ engagement rings.

Princess cut cubic zirconia rings are popular.  In fact by some accounts, princess cuts are the second most popular diamond shape after round.  Princess cut engagement rings are a relatively recent innovation.  Princess cut diamonds have only been around since 1960, so you won’t find it in any princess cut rings in antique stores. The princess cut is basically the square version of the round brilliant cut diamond.  Or the brilliant version of the step-cut Asscher cut diamond. Either way, it’s a square (or in some cases slightly rectangular) diamond with brilliant, radiating facets, and a large center table to let lots of light through.  No wonder then that affordable silver princess cut engagement rings are so popular.

The VITTORIA princess cut diamond simulant ring is set in 925 nickel free sterling silver.   The silver is plated in rhodium.  Since rhodium is more durable than any other metal, it will protect anything it is plated over. Rhodium plating allows the jewelry piece last longer, provide extra shine and to visually look more like white gold.   Another benefit of rhodium plating is that its hypoallergenic and thus can help reduce the chance of an allergic reaction, which is commonplace with non branded low end offerings.

The silver band width of our princess cut cubic zirconia rings is approx. 3mm and tapers towards the cradled center stone.  The overall ring weight is approx. 4.6 grams (ref. USA size 7).  This princess cut diamond simulant ring is available (subject to stock) in USA sizes 4 to 10.

matching wedding band called the TRIONFANTE is also separately available if you are looking to create a bridal set.   Why not stack and place a Trionfante band either side of the princess cut ring?   Alternatively you can add extra sparkle by adding an anniversary band like the BRILLARE silver half eternity ring.  If you are looking for a ring with a larger top face, but still square shaped, check out the Luxuria® RITZ kite engagement ring.


This silver princess cut engagement ring is perfect for use as a placeholder or temporary engagement ring – to make a surprise marriage proposal with.  If she says yes, then you can shop together later for the real deal.  This is the only way to guarantee she will get an engagement ring she wants and you don’t waste thousands of dollars on a diamond ring she doesn’t like.

This princess cut simulated diamond ring is also perfect as a travel ring for those who don’t want to risk taking a valuable and sometimes irreplaceable natural diamond ring on travels abroad, or pay high insurance premiums for the privilege to do so.

Or maybe this silver princess cut engagement ring is simply a very special well deserved treat for you!  Well done you.


In sum, for less than US$60 you receive a princess cut white diamond simulant ring, a beautiful deluxe black leatherette ring box, product warranty, FREE United States, Canada, UK & EU shipping and free shipping to thirty other countries to.

A must for the jewelry box.  Act now.  Don’t miss out.   Be Brilliant with Luxuria®.

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5 reviews for VITTORIA

  1. Dawnn (verified owner)

    I really like the Vittoria princess cut ring and the matching wedding band and the customer service is amazing ! It didn’t take long for my rings to come. I will shop again.

  2. Dania

    I own MANY CZ and moissanite rings from several reputable companies and I find this princess cut to be the nicest quality out of all the others. The band that matches is also a nice solid weight and the two rings look beautiful together. The metal is thick and solid with great shine and the stones have a beautiful sparkle to them. Many compliments have been received and people are surprised when they find out it’s not a real diamond. Customer service is polite, very quick and responsive. Don’t hesitate to order from Luxuria. Honestly you don’t need to pay thousands for a beautiful set.

  3. Aimee O. (verified owner)

    I loved the ring. Thank you!

  4. Carmen V. (verified owner)

    Dear madam, sir, yesterday I received my order for LUMIERE and VITTORIA rings for my sisters. They look super!!! Here is a new order for a Vittoria ring which I want to give to a friend!

    Kindest regards, Carmen V.

  5. MA (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous ring

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