Shopping for blue cubic zirconia rings – check out ESSENTIEL a cz sapphire ring with halo from the prestigious Luxuria® Diamonds brand.

Whether it’s purchased for a surprise marriage proposal, for a gift or as a travel ring, this blue sapphire cz ring with its special split shank will surely delight.

Sapphires have surged in popularity in recent years with Kate Middleton, The Princess of Wales leading with way with an awesome oval shaped royal blue sapphire ring which previously belonged to Princess Diana.   But high quality sapphires are more expensive than diamonds so we created this cubic zirconia sapphire ring as a super affordable alternative for those looking for a blue sapphire colour dress ring.

The Luxuria ESSENTIEL is a sapphire colour oval shaped halo dress ring with a distinctive split shank.   A split shank is a distinctive design style where the band of the ring divides into two or more strands as it reaches the basket of the ring where its centre stone sits. This creates an open, often V-shaped space and in the case of this blue cubic zirconia sapphire ring it enhances the prominence of the centre stone.

Since blue cubic zirconia rings are typically trying to simulate blue sapphire, which by nature is not the most sparkly of stones – it is not uncommon to see cubic zirconia blue sapphire rings designed with a halo.   Halo engagement rings offer two advantages.  First, halo’s intensify sparkle.  Second, a halo provides some protection for the central stone.   For this blue sapphire cz ring we use white diamond simulants (cubic zirconia) for halo.

Dimensionally, the ESSENTIEL blue cubic zirconia sapphire ring has an approx. 10mm top width.  This blue sapphire coloured oval shaped ring features a 0.76 carat oval cut and shape clear cubic zirconia (7mm x 5mm) central stone in a 4-prong setting.  Accented with a surrounding halo and a striking split shank band with further glittering white cubic zirconia stones. The split shank tapers to a 2mm wide band at the base and this blue sapphire colour dress ring has an approx. 2.7 gram overall weight (ref. USA size 7).

This sapphire colour oval shaped halo dress ring is set in high quality 925 sterling silver.    The silver is plated in white rhodium.    Rhodium is a precious metal and a member of the platinum group.  The sterling silver is rhodium-plated to resist tarnishing.   Moreover, because rhodium is hypoallergenic an important customer benefit is reduced chances of skin reactions, irritations or allergic reactions.

We offer the same blue cubic zirconia ring design with alternative centre stones.   Please see our image gallery.      Those interested in the same design but with a white diamond simulant centre stone should see this fake diamond ring with split shank.


Recommended Uses for this blue cubic zirconia sapphire ring


The Luxuria ESSENTIEL cz sapphire ring has been designed with various uses in mind.

This ¾ carat oval halo cubic zirconia sapphire ring is perfect for use as a placeholder or temporary engagement ring.   The blue sapphire cz ring is great to make a surprise marriage proposal with.  If she says yes, congratulations!   Later, you can shop together for the real deal. This is the only way to guarantee she will get an engagement ring she wants and you don’t potentially lose thousands of dollars on a diamond ring she doesn’t like.

This blue cubic zirconia ring is also perfect for use as a cheap travel ring.  Perhaps you already have a very valuable natural sapphire and diamond engagement ring (lucky you) which you’d rather not risk losing or damaging whilst on vacation?    Rather than taking the risk or paying a hefty insurance premium why not leave your blue sapphire ring in a safe place at home and travel with this blue sapphire coloured oval shaped ring?    You’ll enjoy your holiday more not being stressed about potential ring loss, damage, or theft.

Looking for a gift for Mum or yourself?   We think this high quality cubic zirconia sapphire ring put a huge smile on the face of the wearer.   She’ll be pretty in blue and the color is so versatile that it can be worn with blue jeans, a summer dress or something more formal.   Moreover, if this blue sapphire colour engagement ring does not impress you or the recipient, it can be returned within 30 days of receipt.

In sum, for less than $80 you receive this high quality 0.75 carat 925 silver and blue cubic zirconia ring together with a beautiful deluxe black leatherette ring box, a separate black packer box with Luxuria’s gold embossed logo and a product warranty.  We offer FREE U.S. and Canada shipping.   We also offer free shipping for this split shank oval cubic zirconia sapphire ring to over 40 countries including the UK and most of the EU.

Act now.   Get your blue sapphire cz ring and Be brilliant with Luxuria®.

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