Say hello to PROMITTO, a canary diamond simulant engagement ring set from the prestigious Luxuria® Diamonds jewelry brand.

On the diamond color grade scale the canary diamond simulant ring would be considered fancy intense or fancy vivid yellow.    Indeed, a canary yellow diamond actually refers to only a yellow stone with a very rich, high intensity hue as distinct from the pale yellow shades commonly found in less valuable diamonds.  Canary yellow diamonds are rare and beautiful, and thus come with a higher price and resale value than most other yellow diamonds.

For those who can’t afford the real deal we’ve created this canary diamond simulant engagement ring set.   The set comprises of a spectacular fancy vivid canary diamond simulant ring and a separate matching white diamond simulant anniversary band.  We’ve used fancy vivid yellow diamond simulant in place of natural canary diamond.

Fit for a princess the stunning 8mm round four prong basket set high grade canary diamond simulant is handset in the finest quality rhodium plated 925 sterling silver.  This ring set is handcrafted, polished, and set to exacting standards typically demanded of fine diamond cutting and setting.  The central solitaire stone of approx. 2.04 carat weight is truly captivating with fire, brilliance, and scintillation all on display.

The shoulders of the canary diamond simulant ring are further decorated with 6 brilliant white cubic zirconia diamond simulants each side, each of approx. 0.02 carat weight.

The canary diamond simulant engagement ring is perfectly paired with the matching half eternity ring comprising a separate band of precious silver metal set with a continuous line of identically cut white diamond simulant gemstones of 0.37 ct. t.w. to symbolize never ending love.  This exquisite engagement, wedding or bridal sets will surely delight.   If you are interested in stacking check out our sterling silver anniversary band.


Recommended uses for this canary diamond simulant engagement ring set


This canary diamond simulant ring set is perfect for use as a placeholder or temporary engagement ring – to make a surprise marriage proposal with. If she says yes, then you can shop together later for the real deal. This is the only way to guarantee she will get an engagement ring she wants, and you don’t waste thousands of dollars on a diamond ring she doesn’t like.

Some customers buy this simulated canary diamond ring set for travel use.  With real vivid yellow diamond rings typically exceeding US$20,000 it’s a good idea to leave them in a safe at home whilst travelling or on vacation.  Holidays are much less stressful when you don’t need to worry about misplacing, losing or damaging your sometimes irreplaceable yellow diamond ring.

Looking for a gift for Mum or yourself?   We think this high quality 2 carat canary diamond simulant engagement ring set will put a huge smile on the face of the wearer.  The hearts and arrows canary diamond simulant sparkles beautifully.  It’s a real treat for a loved one.  Moreover, if the ring doesn’t impress you or the recipient, it can be returned within 30 days of receipt.

In sum, for less than US$80 you receive this high quality 2 carat canary yellow diamond simulant engagement ring set together with a beautiful deluxe black leatherette ring box, a separate black packer box with Luxuria’s gold embossed logo and a product warranty.  We offer FREE U.S. and Canada shipping.   We also offer free shipping for this canary diamond simulant ring to over 30 countries including the UK and most of the EU.

Join famous celebrities flaunting their yellow diamond jewelry.  Be Brilliant with Luxuria®.

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