Only the best diamond simulant is used in Luxuria rings
Photo:  We use the highest quality diamond simulant.  Luxuria® DECORERE engagement ring above.

We use only the very best diamond simulant, all top graded in cut, colour and clarity. With Luxuria®, the very highest standard comes as standard.

There is a reason why our diamond simulant engagement rings at not Amazon.com or AliExpress specials selling for just $29.99.  That reason is we want our engagement rings to look exactly like the real deal – an authentic natural diamond engagement ring. This is important, because when you propose to your beloved, you want her to say WOW when she sees the ring for the first time – and of course say YES to your proposal.

Very cheap diamond simulant engagement rings are a compromise. The manufacturer is able to offer very low prices because the quality of materials used to manufacture the ring are also very low.

As a reputable supplier in the industry we work hard to educate our customers. Perhaps one of the most common questions we receive is: “why are your rings more expensive than others I see online?”

Because we pride ourselves on the superior quality of each and every diamond simulant engagement ring we supply, we are always happy to explain that there is in fact a wide variance in the quality of material used in the industry.

Luxuria uses the very best diamond simulant

It’s a common misconception that all diamond simulant stones are the same. In fact, just like diamonds, there are a number of Quality Levels, and accordingly there is a corresponding range of price points for these beautiful diamond look-alikes.

Like natural diamond gemstones, diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia stones are graded according to carat, color, clarity and cut, but use a scale of A to AAAAA, A being the lowest and AAAAA being the highest. While 5A is the best grade among machine-cut CZ, even higher grading is possible via hand-cut. Hand-cut cubic zirconia quality is dependent on the technique and the experience of the professional cutting the stone.  A hand-cut CZ, cut with improper technique will not have the brilliance of a diamond. This is why it’s so important, when shopping for hand-cut CZ to purchase from a reputable jeweler or supplier.


If cut properly, a hand-cut cubic zirconia will have the same luminosity of fine diamond and be indistinguishable to a jeweler, even with a loupe.

Luxuria Canary diamond simulant engagement ring SKU - LUXR155
Photo: Luxuria D’PROMITTO 2.04 ct. fancy vivid canary diamond simulant engagement ring.

Clarity refers to the cloudiness (or lack thereof) of a stone, as well as its flaws. CZ is rarely, if ever, cloudy or flawed, however, it is not uncommon for some low end fake engagement rings to use inferior CZ, crystal or even glass for the main stone.  Indeed, its perfection that’s the most common giveaway that cubic zirconia is not a real diamond. Diamonds have flaws since they are naturally occurring gemstones.

Cubic Zirconia diamond simulant is faceted in the same manner as Diamonds. There’s a variety of cuts that are used for different shapes, and the skill of the stone cutter is paramount to the final appearance of the stone. Each stone has its own personality and it’s the stone cutter’s job to evaluate the gem as part of the cutting process. He will cut the facets to bring out the best features of each stone. The cut of a stone determines how it refracts light, and a well-cut, high-quality stone will be cut in a way to provide as much white light (“ice”) as possible. Conversely, the more colored-light (“fire”) a stone refracts, the lower the quality of the stone.

Luxuria® diamond simulant engagement rings which have the LUX hallmark surpass industry standards for AAAAA, are near colorless (D color), are internally flawless and round stones feature an ideal cut to “Hearts and Arrows” for maximum fire.

If you’re looking to invest in a piece that will truly have the look and feel of fine diamonds, we encourage you to choose Luxuria®.

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