Five reasons to propose with a CZ engagement ring

Photo of a surprise proposal with a CZ engagement ring
Photo:  A CZ engagement ring solves the problem of surprise. You don’t have to ask her what style of engagement ring she likes because you can shop together later for the “real thing”.



We automatically associate engagement rings with the image of a diamond solitaire: sparkly, durable, precious and naturally produced by the earth over many thousands of years.

However, if you trawl Pinterest or Google for engagement ring ideas you will see an abundance of alternatives including lab created diamond, Moissanite, crystal glass and CZ engagement ring (s).


It might surprise you to learn that during 2017 around one in sixteen women was proposed to by presenting a CZ or temporary / placeholder engagement ring.


This trend of presenting a fake engagement ring to wear until the “real” ring is found is gaining momentum.


There are five reasons why proposing with a temporary CZ engagement ring makes sense and is a growing trend.


1.    A CZ engagement ring reduces groom stress

Let’s face it: Getting down on one knee and asking someone to spend the rest of her life with you can be pretty daunting!    But imagine her disappointment if you present her with an expensive diamond ring that she doesn’t like.

A temporary CZ engagement ring can take some of the stress out of popping the question.  You only get one chance to get it right.  A high quality CZ engagement ring will completely wow her and make the proposal memorable.

2.    You don’t know her taste


72% of women say they wouldn’t trust their partner to choose their engagement ring. Lady’s engagement ring designs are amazingly varied.


Most men know squat about Jewelry and one look at the different styles online can give a small hint of just how many options there are.   From round-cut (the perennial favorite) to oval-shaped, emerald-cut, radiant-cut, and princess-cut to various settings; bezel, prong, channel and more.

The options and thus the opportunity to disappoint her are vast.   If the proposal is a surprise, you don’t know what she wants and the chances of you buying an engagement ring she doesn’t like are very high indeed.


A photo of a Luxuria CZ engagement ring

Photo:  Engagement rings come in many styles, cuts and settings.  Avoid disappointment, DON’T guess her taste


3.    You don’t miss out on an important opportunity

Women are the driving force behind the subtle changes to wedding traditions.  Whereas a bride previously cooed over whatever she was given, nowadays she knows what she wants “and insists on getting it.”


It is therefore no surprise that over 50% of engagement ring customers would now rather choose a ring with their fiancée after she has said ‘yes’ according to a Knots 2017 Jewelry & Engagement Ring Study.


The purchase of a temporary CZ engagement ring allows you to propose now but importantly shop later TOGETHER for the real thing – when finances allow.

Here’s a hint – she really likes the together bit.  It’s ‘her’ finger, its empowering and can also be quite romantic to go ring shopping together.

These days, this doesn’t mean you have to head to your local jewelry store to pick out the rock of your dreams.  You can ring shop together from the comfort of your couch.


4.    With a CZ engagement ring you keep the element of surprise

Trust us, surprise is still important and one of the first things everyone asks her after you get engaged is, “Were you surprised?”  You can feel them waiting for her to say, “Yes!” so that they can giggle with glee and tell you congratulations.  By buying an affordable CZ engagement ring upfront, you can maintain the element of surprise.

You don’t have to ask her what style of engagement ring she likes or even her ring size because its ok if your temporary CZ engagement ring doesn’t fit perfectly.  Moreover you don’t have to ask her family or friends what she likes and risk them spilling the beans!


5.    You don’t lose money!

Let’s be honest, diamond engagement rings are expensive.  According to the Knot’s 2017 Jewelry & Engagement Study, Americans spent an average of $6,351 on engagement rings. Low end diamonds lose up to 30% of their value just by leaving the seller’s store.

Mistakes are costly and easily made when you don’t know her taste and squat about Jewelry to begin with.


Money spent on a CZ engagement ring is never wasted because the ring can be repeatedly used for travel purposes.


How many times do you hear about a bride who’s come home from her honeymoon devastated that her new diamond is now floating at the bottom of an azure blue sea in the Caribbean somewhere?

A CZ engagement ring is perfect for those who don’t want to risk taking a valuable diamond ring abroad, or pay higher insurance premiums for the privilege to do so.  A CZ engagement ring therefore makes a great traveling companion.

Many people who’ve had expensive diamond jewelry stolen either couldn’t afford to replace it or didn’t want to repeat the risk.  With today’s complex travel security, the chance of having your jewelry stolen is higher than ever before.  With a CZ engagement ring there’s no need for costly insurance or to worry about loss or theft.

Photo of a couple on honeymoon who are not stressed out with the prospect of losing an expensive diamond engagement ring

Photo:  A CZ engagement ring is a great travel companion. Don’t risk losing your diamond ring on vacation!


Other Important Considerations When Proposing with a CZ engagement ring

If you’re thinking of proposing with a temporary or placeholder ring, similar rules apply to the real deal.

First, try to estimate the correct sizing as accurately as possible.  If you are unsure how to do this simply read our article on “How to choose the right ring size”.  The CZ engagement ring may be temporary but it could be disappointing if it doesn’t fit and therefore can’t be shown off.

Second, it is also a good idea to think ahead.  We’d recommend you choose a CZ engagement ring with a central stone (or stones) of equivalent carat size to the real diamond which you eventually hope to purchase together. That way the bride won’t be disappointed when she eventually receives the real thing.

Resist the urge to by a 5 carat solitaire CZ engagement ring if you know your budget will only stretch to half carat real diamond with visible inclusions.

Finally, presentation is important – don’t under estimate the importance of ring packaging (box etc.). The box is the first thing that your future wife will see when you hand over the ring.  It will tell of the quality and craftsmanship of the ring within the box and add (or unfortunately subtract) from the overall Wow factor.


What’s next?

OK, so you now understand why other men are proposing with CZ engagement rings, it reduces stress and risk, saves money and allows you to focus on what’s really important, a successful surprise proposal.

But before you start shopping please read our 5-step guide on  “Doing Cubic Zirconia engagement rings the right way”.  It’s important you understand that not all CZ engagement rings are of the same standard with many products not even looking real because they use low quality stones which are porous, cloudy and dull.


Photo of a woman proudly showing her engagement ring to friends

Photo:  Not all CZ engagement rings are created equal. Buy her a good one because she will want to show her friends


62% of woman post a photo of their engagement ring on social media, so your CZ engagement ring needs to not only Wow her.  The ring will doubtlessly become the object of very public display to family, future in-laws, friends and work colleagues.  For this reason you absolutely DON’T want a $29 ring from

Check out our article on “Doing Cubic Zirconia engagement rings the right way” so you can be armed with the information you need to make a great decision.

A CZ engagement ring solves the problem of surprise. She will not see it coming and it will be a lifelong story.

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