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We’ve christened her CAPELLA because this East-West set oval cubic zirconia engagement ring shines like the brightest star in the northern constellation of Auriga.

A distinctive feature of this oval cubic zirconia ring is the East-West orientation of the solitaire stone.   Setting a diamond simulant east-west means it’s turned horizontally, perpendicular to your finger, instead of pointing to your fingernail.   There are many benefits to setting an oval cubic zirconia engagement ring in this way.  First the setting has a fresh, clean and modern aesthetic.    Second, with larger stones there is less snagging or catching with garments, especially sleeves.   Third, there is a reduced chance of chipping.   Finally, for people with certain finger types, the east-west style oval cz ring is more comfortable to wear and doesn’t get in the way during the course of the day.


Oval cz engagement rings design & benefits


Design benefits of these oval cz engagement rings include the use of high quality cz in a low profile design to reduce snagging.

The star of our Capella oval cubic zirconia engagement rings is the stunning 9 x 7mm solitaire stone.   With 2 carats of diamond equivalent carat weight it’s large, but not too large.   At Luxuria we use only the very best diamond simulants, all top graded in cut, colour and clarity.  For this oval cz ring with east west orientation we are using grade 6A cubic zirconia.  The oval cubic zirconia central stone is near colorless (D in equivalent diamond color) and internally flawless (IF).   Once more, the cut, arguably the most important element to ensure brilliance and fire, is the most optically precise we can offer.

The 2 carat oval cubic zirconia engagement ring is set in 925 sterling silver.    Unlike many cheap unbranded engagement rings we’ve ensured there is no nickel in the silver alloy.   Furthermore the silver is plated in precious and expensive white rhodium.   The absence of nickel together with the protection of rhodium means the ring is unlikely to cause skin irritations for those with sensitive skin. This cubic zirconia oval solitaire ring is therefore safe to wear and great to look at with the rhodium plating providing extra shine.

The band on this 925 silver oval cz solitaire ring measures approx. 3mm thick at its widest point, narrowing to a little over 2mm wide near the basket.   The overall ring weight is approx. 3.2 grams (ref. USA size 7) and available (subject to stock) in USA size 4 to 10.

A further benefit of the east west oval cz ring design is that it doesn’t hide your wedding ring!   If you would like a silver wedding band to match the CAPELLA oval cubic zirconia engagement ring – check out the LUNA womens silver wedding band also available from Luxuria®. Our oval cz engagement rings can be paired with an existing plain wedding band you already own or a PROMISSIO sterling silver anniversary band if you want to add even more sparkle.


Recommended Uses for this oval cz ring


The Luxuria CAPELLA oval cubic zirconia ring has been designed with various uses in mind.

Proudly bearing our LUX hallmark, these very high quality oval cubic zirconia engagement rings are perfect for use as a placeholder or temporary engagement ring – to make a surprise marriage proposal with.   If she says yes, then you can shop together later for the real deal. This is the only way to guarantee she will get an engagement ring she wants and you don’t potentially lose thousands of dollars on a diamond ring she doesn’t like.

This 2 carat oval cubic zirconia ring is also perfect as a travel ring.    Don’t risk having your precious and valuable natural diamond engagement ring stolen, lost or damaged whilst on vacation.   An oval cubic zirconia ring for travel is a great idea.   There are just too many risks while on the road.   For example you could accidentally leave the ring on a nightstand inside your hotel room or lose a piece of the ring’s diamond set while engaging in a new activity.

Looking for a gift for Mum or yourself?   We think this high quality 2 carat oval cut cubic zirconia ring will put a huge smile on the face of the wearer.  Ovals are one of the sparkliest fancy diamond cuts on the market.  Moreover, if this oval cz ring doesn’t impress you or the recipient, it can be returned within 30 days of receipt.

In sum, for less than $70 you receive one of these oval cubic zirconia engagement rings together with a beautiful deluxe black leatherette ring box, warranty, and FREE United States (U.S.), and Canada.   We also offer free shipping of this oval cz ring to over 30 countries including the UK and most of the EU.

Act now.  Don’t miss out.   Be Brilliant with Luxuria®.

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2 reviews for CAPELLA

  1. Dania G. (verified owner)

    Hi Tessa,
    I just received the CAPELLA and LUNA oval set. Gorgeous! The CZ is outstanding. Barely any visible bow tie which is so rare to find in an oval of that size. And the low profile is really practical. I’m really impressed once again with the quality of your jewelry.

  2. Cindy (verified owner)

    The Capella is s very nice ring. This will be my travel ring. My engagement ring is very nice and this is a lovely replacement. It’s different than my engagement ring, but I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing anything.

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