Luxuria’s cushion cut blue topaz ring is elegant, classic and timeless.  Introducing TOPAZI a stunning watery pale sky blue topaz halo ring from the Luxuria jewelry brand.

The beautiful summer sky hue of this sky blue topaz engagement ring attracts many admirers.  Topaz is one of the most popular gemstones in the world.  Topaz is also one of Earth’s hardest naturally occurring gemstones. It develops as a crystal mineral in various granite rocks and lava flows.  Topaz in a natural state is usually colorless and transparent.  The presence of iron and chromium impurities causes variations in color which range from pale yellow, brown, and grey to pastels shades of green, violet, and pink.    The topaz used in our cushion cut blue topaz ring is sourced from Brazil and is heat treated.   Please read Luxuria’s blue topaz ring buying guide  for tips on what to look for when buying blue topaz rings.

With that said, say hello to TOPAZI.   TOPAZI is a sky blue topaz halo engagement ring.   Sky blue is a clean, clear, and delicate blue color which resembles the color of the sky on a cloudless day.  It pleases those who like light colors and airy spaces.  This sky blue topaz engagement ring is crafted from the finest quality rhodium plated 925 hallmark sterling silver.  This topaz halo ring features a vibrant natural cushion cut Brazilian topaz gemstone of large (approx.) 4 carat t.w.

The 4 carat topaz ring is set in silver claws and encircled by a scintillating halo of sparkling white diamond simulants (cubic zirconia) which are also shoulder set.  The Cushion cut blue topaz ring has a twin shank band with a total of 49 x 0.0125 ct. (diamond equivalent weight) stones gracing the halo and shoulders.

Proudly bearing our LUX makers mark (LUX stamp) this sterling silver sky blue topaz engagement ring with diamond simulant halo features an open pave halo, wire gallery and a split pave shank.  The ring has an overall 12.5mm (approx.) top width.  The band width tapers from approx. 5mm at the top to 3.6mm (both approx.) at the base.   This blue topaz halo ring weighs an overall approx. 5.5 grams (ref. USA size 7) and is available (subject to stock) in USA ring sizes from 5 to 9.

It’s important to match rings to fingers.   The thicker ring band and square shape of this genuine blue topaz halo ring ideally suits women with wider fingers or large hands.   This is not a ring for women with small hands as the proportions simply won’t look right.  If you are looking for a silver topaz halo ring better suited for smaller hands check out this 1.3 carat blue topaz birthstone ring.

Recommended uses for these cushion cut blue topaz rings


Genuine blue topaz halo rings are a flattering choice for yourself and for loved ones.  Customers for this blue topaz halo ring vary.

Some customers buy the large 4 carat topaz ring as a Mother’s Day present.  Others buy the ring as placeholder or temporary engagement ring for a surprise marriage proposal.  If your bride has a December birthday then this blue topaz halo engagement ring will have extra significance and meaning for her.  We should also say that sky blue topaz gemstone rings look amazing when paired with a pale blue dress or gown.

Finally, some customers buy this cushion cut blue topaz ring for use as a colourful travel ring.   It’s a sensible idea to leave valuable and sometimes irreplaceable diamond engagement rings in a safe place at home whist travelling or on vacation.  Take this cushion cut blue topaz halo ring instead.  You will enjoy your holidays more if you don’t have to worry about having your diamond engagement ring stolen, lost or damaged.

In sum, for less than US$120 you receive this Luxuria® TOPAZI 4ct blue topaz halo ring, a beautiful deluxe black leatherette ring box, product warranty and FREE United States and Canada shipping.  We also offer free shipping for this cushion cut blue topaz ring to over 30 countries including the UK and most of the EU.

Act now and be brilliant with Luxuria®.

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