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Incantere is Latin for enchant and this filigree leaf ring from the Luxuria jewelry brand certainly does that.

Leaf filigree rings and Leaf filigree engagement rings are a symbol of eternal love.  Leaf rings were considered by the Egyptians as an essential bond of strong marriage, that could not be interrupted in any way, even by death.   Filigree leaf rings also remind us of the green leaves of spring and summer.  They depict hope, renewal, and revival.   Leaf rings remind us not to despair.   No matter what life throws at you there will always be a chance to start over, to begin again when spring arrives.

A distinctive feature of these Leaf filigree rings is the exquisite vintage style.  There’s a very high level of detail in these open filigree wide leaves Leaf band rings.   The band showcases mesmerizing patterns and delicate intricacy.

Set in the finest quality rhodium plated 925 sterling silver the ring features an intricate swirling filigree leaf design with Bezel and Pave set cubic zirconia diamond simulants.  This enchanting ring will attract admiring glances and promises to be a conversation starter.  Hallmarked 925 and with a substantive 12mm top width and tapered band this rhodium plated silver ring will make a focal point of your chosen finger.

Dimensionally, these silver filigree leaf rings measure approx. 12mm thick at its widest top face.  The band taper and narrows to approx.  4mm wide at the base.  The overall ring weight is approx. 5 grams (ref. USA size 7) and available (subject to stock) in USA size 6 to 9.

These Silver filigree leaf rings are plated in precious and expensive white rhodium.   The absence of nickel together with the protection of rhodium means the ring is unlikely to cause skin irritations for those with sensitive skin. This silver leaf ring is therefore safe to wear and great to look at with the rhodium plating providing extra shine.


Recommended uses for these filigree silver leaf rings


Filigree leaf rings can be worn as a fashion statement or hold significant symbolism and meaning to the wearer.  They make for great gifts for loved ones and are suitable for any occasion.

Some customers buy this silver leaf ring for social gatherings.   The ring pairs beautifully with a summer dress or jeans with a colorful tee or tank top.   The enchanting ring will attract admiring glances and possibly be a conversation starter.

Other customers use this filigree leaf ring as a travel ring.   Don’t risk having your precious and valuable natural diamond engagement ring stolen, lost or damaged whilst on vacation.  There are just too many risks while on the road.   For example, you could accidentally leave the engagement ring on a nightstand inside your hotel room.

Looking for a gift for Mum or yourself?   We think this high-quality open filigree wide leaves Leaf band ring will put a huge smile on the face of the wearer.   The swirling filigree leaf design with bezel and pave set cubic zirconia diamond simulants sparkle beautifully.  It’s a real treat for a loved one.  Moreover, if the ring doesn’t impress you or the recipient, it can be returned within 30 days of receipt.

In sum, for less than $90 you receive this high quality silver filigree leaf ring together with a beautiful deluxe black leatherette ring box, a separate black packer box with Luxuria’s gold embossed logo and a product warranty.  We offer FREE U.S. and Canada shipping.   We also offer free shipping for these Leaf filigree engagement rings to over 40 countries including the UK and most of the EU.

Act now.   Be brilliant with Luxuria®.

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    Beautiful! Can’t wait to receive. I love it

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