Looking for a large amethyst ring?   Check out this 4 carat solitaire marquise amethyst ring from the Luxuria Jewelry brand.

This delightfully bold contemporary amethyst ring is perfect for cocktail evenings or other special occasions which demand some statement glamour.   Long valued for its purple color and symbolic associations, amethyst is a versatile gem.  With a hardness of 7 and lack of inclusions, amethyst makes a durable stone fit for our modernist large amethyst ring.

The star of this solitaire marquise amethyst ring is undoubtedly the central amethyst gemstone.   The central solitaire marquise shape purple amethyst gemstone measures approx. 16 x 8mm and has an approximate carat weight of just under 4 carats.   The amethyst gemstone is six prong set into a chunky 10mm wide tapered 925 sterling band.   The silver band on this large amethyst ring tapers from approx. 10mm at the head to 3mm at the base.    These amethyst solitaire rings are rhodium plated to provide shine and durability.

Dimensionally this 4 carat marquise amethyst ring has a top length (north-south) of 19mm.  This February birthstone and contemporary chunky amethyst ring tips the scales at approximately 8.5 grams.  This amethyst ring for women is available in various USA ring sizes.

It’s important to match rings to fingers.   The thick ring band and the elongated elliptical shape with pointed ends of the Amethyst gemstone means this solitaire amethyst ring is more ideally suited to women with wider fingers or large hands.   This is not a ring for women with small hands as the proportions simply won’t look right.

If you like the large amethyst ring design but prefer a different central gemstone you might like to know we also offer a large Citrine solitaire ring.

Recommended Uses for this large Amethyst Ring


The Luxuria Solidus 4 carat Amethyst ring has been designed with various uses in mind.

This large amethyst ring is perfect for wear at a cocktail party or evening out with friends.  Pair this marquise amethyst ring with a violet / purple dress or gown and you’re looking good – maybe too good!

As hinted above Amethyst is the birthstone of February, so this amethyst statement ring makes for a splendid gift.  So, if Mum or another loved one is born in February, this ring will have added meaning and gifting significance.

Or maybe these contemporary amethyst rings are being considered as a very well deserved treat for you?   Well done you!  You deserve this treat and you’ll be feeling great when you pair this ring with a violet or purple dress. Moreover, if this 4 carat amethyst ring doesn’t impress you or the gift recipient, it can be returned within 30 days of receipt.

In sum, for less than $200 you receive this 4 ct. Amethyst gemstone ring together with a beautiful deluxe black leatherette ring box, a separate black packer box with Luxuria’s gold embossed logo and a product warranty.  We offer FREE U.S. and Canada shipping.   We also offer free shipping for this large amethyst ring to over 30 countries including the UK and most of the EU.

Act now, get your marquise amethyst ring and be brilliant with Luxuria®.

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