Refined and timeless, this pear shaped smoky quartz ring from the Luxuria® jewellery brand fashionably stands out.   This smoky quartz solitaire ring is prefect as a gift for a loved one or for use as a dress ring.

Found in the Earth’s crust smoky quartz is prized for adornment and spirituality and is a designer favourite in part because brown is a rare color for gemstones and earthy tones are on trend.  Smoky quartz is a gemstone that is increasing in popularity as a stone for jewelry. When crafted into fine pieces, smoky quartz is as beautiful as a brown diamond and almost as eye-catching but nowhere near as pricey. Smoky quartz is also durable and easy to maintain and can be made into any type of jewelry.   Do check out our buying guide for smoky quartz gemstone rings.

This pear shaped smoky quartz ring features a pear shaped natural smokey quartz gemstone of approx. 1.7 carat in weight and approx. 9mm in length.   The natural smoky quartz gemstone is sourced from Africa.  The overall pear smoky quartz solitaire ring weight is approx. 2.9 grams.

The smoky quartz gem is prong set into a 925 sterling silver band of approx. 2mm in width.   The silver band is plated in rhodium to provide extra shine and durability with the extra benefit of rhodium being hypoallergenic thereby reducing chance of skin irritation for those with sensitive skin.

As a beautiful brown relative of amethyst, smokey quartz is a non-traditional birthstone for the month of June and adds earth-tone sophistication being brown grey or lovely cognac in color.   This smoky quartz gemstone solitaire ring pairs beautifully with earthy toned dresses.

Looking for a larger sized smoky quartz ring?   Check out our large smoky quartz halo ring called the Luxuria QUARZOSI which features a large vibrant natural square shaped cushion cut grey brown smokey quartz gemstone of approx. 4.0 carat t.w.

In sum, for less than US$90 you receive this pear shaped smoky quartz ring; a beautiful deluxe black leatherette ring box, product warranty and FREE U.S. and Canada shipping.  We also offer free shipping for this 1.7 carat 2 carat fake diamond ring to over 30 countries including the UK and most of the EU.

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