Reward her or yourself with the unsurpassed beauty of these enchanting peridot gemstone rings from the Luxuria® jewellery brand.

Peridot rings have become incredibly popular among jewelry lovers.  The lush green colors of summer glisten within the facets of peridot jewelry. A peridot gemstone ring is even more beautiful when the Peridot gem is surrounded by a halo of sparkling white diamond simulants as in the case of this Peridot gemstone birthstone ring called the PEDORETES.

This Peridot gemstone ring features an eye catching yellow-green peridot semi-precious natural gem of approx. 1.4 carat. t.w. encircled and flanked by a pristine sparkling white cubic zirconia diamond simulant halo.

This semi-precious peridot gemstone august birthstone ring is set in a finest quality 925 sterling silver.   The silver is plated in rhodium to provide extra shine and durability with the extra benefit of rhodium being hypoallergenic thereby reducing chance of skin irritation for those with sensitive skin.

This gorgeous peridot ring has a top width of approx. 11mm.   The band width varies from approx. 2.5 mm at the base tapering to approx. 2mm at the ring head.  These Peridot gemstone rings have an overall ring weight of approx. 3.9 grams (ref. USA size 7) and are available (subject to stock) in USA size 6 to 9.

Peridot is the birthstone of August.  Peridot gems are rare and are one of the only gems that come in only one color.  While it really does only come in an olive green color, the tint and intensity of this color can very between individual gems.  The color variation in peridot gemstone occurs because of how much iron is contained within the structure of the crystal.  This causes the exact coloring to vary between yellowish to a brownish-green as well as in a perfectly olive green color.   Peridot gemstone rings may also be given as gift to celebrate the 16th year of marriage.

If you like the design of this peridot ring but prefer a different semi-precious gemstone check out the Luxuria® METHYSTOS, a 1.3 carat amethyst halo engagement ring or Luxuria® TOPAZIOS, a 1.25 carat December birthstone ring.


Recommended uses for these Peridot Gemstone Rings


August birthstone rings are a flattering choice for yourself and for loved ones. Customers for these peridot gemstone rings vary.

Some customers buy the peridot ring as a Mother’s Day present.  Others buy the ring as placeholder or temporary engagement ring for a surprise marriage proposal.  If your bride has an August birthday then Peridot birthstone rings will have extra significance and meaning for her.

Finally, some customers buy these Peridot gemstone rings for use as a travel ring.   It’s a sensible idea to leave valuable and sometimes irreplaceable diamond engagement rings in a safe place at home whist travelling or on vacation.   Don’t risk losing or damaging your engagement ring.

The Price includes the Peridot ring, a beautiful deluxe black leatherette ring box, product warranty and FREE United States and Canada shipping.  We also offer free shipping for these peridot rings to over 30 countries including the UK and most of the EU.

Act now, get your peridot gemstone birthstone ring and be brilliant with Luxuria®.

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