What Colored Diamond Rings Mean and the rise of simulants

Colored diamond rings are a force of nature. Diamonds are created under immense heat and pressure and buried deep beneath the earth’s crust. It’s no wonder diamonds are considered so precious. 

Aside from its incredible geological features, a diamond is also a thing of immense beauty. It not only represents status but has also come to represent a lifetime of love and devotion. 

If you’re considering making the investment, here’s what you should know about colored diamond rings… 

The Grading of Diamonds 

Many people may not even realize that colored diamonds actually occur in nature. Coloured diamonds are not always man-made or lab treated. Moreover, it’s the color of a diamond that establishes its value. 

Each color diamond is placed within a color range which ultimately determines the overall worth of the stone. Each diamond is characterized by a narrow or broad color in the range it is placed.   Within each color range, you will find a color that is more desirable than another. More desirable colors are known as fine colored diamonds. 

On the other hand, colorless diamonds that most people know and love are graded from D to Z. D symbolizes the colorless end of the spectrum and Z symbolizes the yellow end of the spectrum.  

The Symbolism of Colored Diamond Rings

Colored diamonds are also known as fancy-colored stones. Approximately 1 out of every 10,000 diamond is a fancy-colored stone.  Depending on the intensity of the colors, colored diamonds can be even more valuable than white (or colorless) diamonds.

Red diamonds are considered the rarest of all colored diamonds.  These precious colored stones get their tint due to the penetration of chemical impurities. Here’s what each colored diamond represents: 

1. Yellow Diamonds

Close to 60% of all colored diamonds belong to the fancy yellow stone category. This makes yellow diamonds the second-most ubiquitous and popular diamond on earth.

Yellow diamonds get their color as a result of nitrogen molecules within the stone absorbing blue light. They are well-known as a representation of humility, rootedness, hope, friendship, and happiness. 

Yellow also mirrors the color of the earth and is a great way to symbolize new beginnings and the continuation of a happy life filled with love. 

Colored diamond rings - Luxuria canary fancy vivid simulant

Photo: Luxuria® 2.04ct. fancy vivid yellow diamond simulant engagement ring with half eternity band

2. Pink & Red Diamonds

As mentioned, red diamonds are scarce and as such, on the very pricey end of the scale. Fancy pink diamonds are equally unique and can exceed US$100,000 per carat.

Red diamonds are tough to source naturally. But, they can be produced in a lab using a combination of high pressure, temperature, irradiation, and annealing. 

If you’re looking for a symbol of passion, power, and eternal foundation, red diamonds are your go-to. Pink fancy diamonds represent creative expression. 

Most of the world’s red diamonds originate from Australia, Brazil, Russia, and India. While the world-famous Golconda pink diamonds originate from Brazil and India. 

3. Green Diamonds

Green diamonds, also commonly known as chameleon diamonds, are also extremely rare in nature. Typically, their green hue varies from olive green to yellowish-green. The famous Dresden Green diamond is the only one of its kind to boast a deep emerald green color caused by radiation. 

Green diamonds are the perfect symbol of youth, vigor, and activity. Green also represents the colors of nature, prosperity, and abundance. 

4. Blue Diamonds

Despite their rarity, blue diamonds are extremely popular. Type IIb diamonds (GIA classification when a diamond is sent for certification) are characterized by their gorgeous blue-gray coloring, caused by the compound Boron.

Hydrogen-rich diamonds also produce rich blue coloring. While man-made blue diamonds are produced with electron beam radiation.  Blue diamonds are the quintessential representation of truth, spirituality, peace, and devotion. Blue diamonds set within a ring are also believed to bring safe travels to its wearer.  

5. Brown or Chocolate Diamonds

Brown diamonds are growing in popularity and are sold under an array of different names. These names range from chocolate, cognac, coffee, and champagne diamonds.

Both brown and black diamonds are among some of the most affordable to purchase today. Two of the most famous brown diamonds include the Golden Jubilee and The Golden Maharajah. 

Brown diamonds are a symbol of clarity, stability, grounding, and wholesomeness. They are also thought to represent a centered soul with a good sense of life balance and connectedness. 

Colored Diamond Rings will shine in 2020

According to Yuri Okoyemov, vice president at Alrosa, Colored diamonds appreciate even in turbulent times.  Alrosa is the world’s largest diamond mining company by volume.  Alrosa expects fancy diamonds to become ever more popular investments in the near future.

Coloured diamonds are tracked by Knight Frank as one of 10 luxury investment assets.  According to them, the value of colored diamonds has appreciated 70% in the last decade.

But while coloured diamonds are seeing increased popularity – few can afford them.  For this reason, some turn instead to faux colored diamond rings.

Why Choose Faux Diamonds? 

It’s no secret- naturally-occurring diamonds are expensive. So much so that it could have you burrowing away money for years on end before you can even consider making the investment.

Here’s why faux diamonds, simulated diamonds or cubic zirconia rings make a great choice instead of the real thing: 

  • Propose to your loved one now, and choose a real diamond ring later on when you can really afford it 
  • If your loved one is accident-prone or enjoys an active lifestyle, a faux diamond ring may be the better choice instead of losing real diamonds
  • Offer a symbol of commitment and cut out relationship speculation until you find the right time to propose with real diamonds 
  • Real diamonds can be very over-priced, whereas simulated diamonds are just as beautiful and cost a fraction of the price 
  • Faux diamonds do not depreciate in value as real diamonds do 
  • Faux diamonds offer a great substitute when it comes to travel security. You don’t have to fret about losing expensive diamonds on your travels

When it comes to real diamonds and faux diamonds, it really is difficult to distinguish between the two. So before you fork out your life savings or plunge yourself into debt, it may be worth considering the beauty of simulated diamonds too! 

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