10 Safety Benefits of Wearing Fake Wedding Rings

Who said that the security of wearing fake wedding rings isn’t to be enjoyed by single women?  And why should you consider wedding ring safety?

In this day and age, more and more women are choosing to decorate their finger with fake wedding rings. While this does provide an added sense of beauty, the purpose goes well beyond the visual appeal. 

The fact of the matter is, wearing a fake wedding ring is an effective way to provide additional safety to women. Whether you’re at the office, out for a night on the town, or simply living day-to-day, a fake wedding ring may allow women to feel more confident and less prone to unwanted attention. 

If you’ve been considering buying a fake wedding ring, you’re going to want to read this. We’re uncovering the 10 most significant safety benefits to wearing fake wedding rings. 

1. Diverts Unwanted Attention 

First and foremost, a wedding ring helps to divert unwelcomed attention from others. 

Whether you’re walking down the street, in a professional setting, or on an airplane, a wedding ring sends an automatic signal that you’re off-limits. While this isn’t always a guarantee, unwanted attention is far less likely to present itself when a ring is present. 

More often than not, a man or woman planning to approach you will be put off by the presence of a ring. In fear of being rejected, they’re more likely to turn around and divert their attention to someone who appears more single.  

reasons for wearing fake wedding rings

PHOTO:  There are many valid reasons for wearing fake wedding rings.  Some women find that wearing a fake wedding ring can be useful while travelling to keep creeps at bay by suggesting that you are already in a serious relationship.  A combination of a fake wedding ring and fake engagement ring is even more potent.  Seen above is silver wedding ring set from the Luxuria brand.


2. Can Focus on Friends

When you’re wearing a wedding ring, it sends a signal to singles everywhere. This signal is that you’re unavailable and therefore, not interested in romantic attention. 

When you no longer have to fend off unwanted attention, you can focus on the task at hand: having fun with your friends! Here, you can simply enjoy a night out with your female friends and avoid the advances of those who are single and looking. 

3. Your Relationship Is Taken More Seriously

It’s an unfortunate reality that having a boyfriend or girlfriend is often treated less significantly than having a husband or wife. 

Put simply, wearing a wedding ring sends the signal to others that you’re taken. When people understand that you’re married, they naturally take your relationship status more seriously than if you’re merely dating someone.

Even if you restate that you’re still in a relationship despite not being married, certain people are less likely to respect this fact and act accordingly. When you have a ring to show for your relationship, you’re far less likely to experience advances from others.  That could be all the reason to need to buy fake wedding rings!

4. Fake Wedding Rings can be helpful at Work

In a professional setting, wearing a wedding ring can help to reroute unwanted attention. 

This is especially the case for women who travel for work or are in male-dominating industries. For example, let’s consider a woman that works in a sport’s marketing firm that’s dominated by male employees. In the event that a travel conference is scheduled, the female employee may consider wearing a fake wedding ring. 

In wearing this ring, she can fend off the attention that would come with traveling to a new area with predominantly male employees. Instead of having to focus on unwanted attention that comes with being a woman, she can focus on the task at hand and perform her job. 

wearing a fake wedding ring at work

PHOTO:   Wearing a fake wedding ring at work may mean you can perform better, focusing attention on the job at hand rather than being distracted by unwanted advances by work colleagues.   Seen above is a realistic looking cubic zirconia halo engagement ring set which shouts that you are off-limits!


5. Avoids the Assumption You’re Here for Love

In certain countries, locals will assume that women without a prominent wedding ring are there to find love. 

In making this assumption, the locals will suppose that you’re interested in establishing a relationship or an intimate connection. Even if this is not the case, it’s simply the result of cultural differences. 

By wearing a fake wedding ring, you can avoid this assumption that you’re solely in this country to find love. It’s also important to consider that in many third world countries, locals are eager to meet a foreign partner in hopes of fleeing their homeland. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality of many developing nations and wearing fake wedding rings can help. 

6. You Establish More Sincere Connections 

When you’re establishing a connection with someone new, it can be challenging to decipher how the other person sees this new connection. 

This is especially the case for women when meeting a new man. Without a wedding ring, a single man is more likely to presume that your new connection is romantic. From this presumption, they’re more likely to make a romantic or physical advancement. 

However, when you’re wearing a wedding ring, the man is aware from the very beginning that your connection is merely friendship-based. In doing this, you can look forward to establishing more sincere and genuine connections with others. 

7. Makes up for Cultural Differences 

The sad truth is that some countries expect women of a certain age to be married. 

When these cultures come into contact with women that are unmarried, it can become uncomfortable. While there’s no denying that this is certainly wrong and immoral, it’s simply a reality in some places around the world. 

By wearing a fake wedding ring, you can avoid the topic of marriage altogether. In certain parts of the world, you’ll be happy to pretend that you’re happily married and move on. 

Fake wedding ring benefits

PHOTO:  Don’t feel like being asked all the time whether you are married or not?   Some cultures expect women of a certain age to be married.  Fake wedding ring benefits include being asked this question less!  An example of a round cut diamond simulant engagement ring set which is perfect for those pretending to be married is above.


8. Smooths Interactions with Locals 

Funnily enough, wearing fake wedding rings isn’t only limited to single people. 

In fact, many couples will choose to wear fake wedding rings when traveling abroad. In wearing wedding rings, it helps for smooth interactions with locals.

This could be anything from booking one hotel room to showing physical affection. The reality is, some cultures will feel uneasy with allowing an unmarried couple to partake in certain occasions or spend a night together. This is because it’s seen as a sin to be unwed and yet spending time together physically. 

9. Fake Wedding rings are perfect for travel

In this day and age, the number of female travels opting for solo travel has skyrocketed.

In fact, one study found that 50% of women surveyed have done at least one trip on their own. As time goes on, this number is only expected to continue to rise. 

Still, many women continue to feel nervous about traveling to certain parts of the world on their own. When we consider that 81% of women have been sexually harassed, it’s easy to understand the hesitation. 

Wedding ring safey fake wedding ring for travel

PHOTO:   Wearing a fake wedding ring for travel can be a good idea.  For all the fun of travel, keeping your valuables safe can be a constant source of stress. You already have to worry about your phone, wallet and laptop. Why add your precious diamond engagement ring to the mix?  Seen above is a cubic zirconia emerald cut ring from the Luxuria jewelry brand.


For many of these women, wearing a fake wedding ring provides them with added confidence for solo travel. This wedding ring safety is especially true for traveling to certain areas of the world, sleeping in hostels, and generally exploring come sundown. This ring extends an immediate message to others that you’re not interested in intimacy or the prospect of affectionate conversation. 

10. Don’t Always Have to Insure It

Unlike a real wedding ring, the majority of fake wedding rings will not need to be insured. 

This is because a fake wedding ring typically costs a small fraction of what a standard wedding ring will cost. When the sheer purpose of the wedding ring is safety, there’s no need to be displaying something irrationally expensive on your finger.

As a result, there’s very often little need to get insurance for this type of wedding ring. This is a means of gaining wedding ring safety but without a significant upfront cost. 

Benefits of wearing a Fake Wedding Ring 

If you’ve always wanted to get yourself a fake wedding ring, now just might be the perfect time. 

Whether you’re using it for day-to-day life or while on vacation, there are a number of safety perks that come alongside wearing fake wedding rings. Not only will you face less unwanted attention in your everyday life, but you can also feel more confident when traveling on your own. 

When a wedding ring is on display, it sends an immediate message that you’re not interested. That being said, you’re going to be more successful in avoiding unwanted gazes, catcalls, and generally uncomfortable scenarios. 

Wondering what your options are? Get started today and browse our selection of rings! 

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