I Almost Do: Smart Reasons to Wear a Fake Wedding Ring While Travelling

The value of a fake wedding ring may not seem immediately obvious. But think about this: the average American will spend more than $6,000 on a ring when deciding to tie the knot.

That’s a large investment to be wearing around your finger when you travel to a strange new place!  In the following article, we’ll discuss “going fake” in the travel context.  And as it turns out, there are several smart reasons to do it.

Read below 8 Reasons to Wear a Fake Wedding Ring While Travelling.


1. Control Potential Losses

Probably the first reason you thought about when you saw the title of this article!  Wearing fake wedding rings will guarantee the larger investment of a diamond engagement or wedding ring remains intact.

There are just too many risks while on the road. Examples:

  • You could attract the wrong kind of attention.
  • You could leave the ring on a nightstand inside your hotel room.
  • You could lose a piece of the ring’s diamond set while engaging in a new activity.

Sometimes rings and / or precious stones are heirlooms. These may have passed down through families over generations. Such rings are simply irreplaceable.

Leaving the ring secured in a safe or safety deposit box at home ensures none of this will happen.  So consider that before departure.


2. Do It Without Downgrading the Look

For those who like to show off the beauty of their rings, a fake wedding ring acts as a great stand-in.  Cubic zirconium is the go-to stand-in for traditional diamonds, and many look indistinguishable from the real thing.

You might even be surprised where they turn up.  For example, World Wrestling Entertainment uses CZ as a diamond replacement for their championship belts. Millions of fans are none the wiser.

3 carat fake diamond ring

PHOTO:   If you must wear a ring whilst travelling then consider a fake ring for travel.   Good quality diamond simulant rings can be a great “stand-in”.   Seen above is a 3 carat cubic zirconia solitaire ring from the Luxuria Diamonds jewelry brand.


3. Ensure Safety

Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands attract attention with their beauty.  But sometimes it’s the wrong kind of attention.

You never know which kind it will be.  The world is full of risky hot-spots.  If you are thinking of traveling abroad in 2023 you might want to steer clear of Afghanistan, Mali, Syria, Iraq and Ukraine.  These countries rank among the world’s most dangerous destinations for business and pleasure travelers.   But where-ever you plan to travel, it’s a good idea to wear fake ring as opposed to the real thing.

But be safe.  There are some parts of the world which are considered so unsafe that wearing no ring at all is considered a good idea.

There is risk everywhere.  But at least with a fake wedding band you won’t be out as much should you accidentally lose it.  Further, you would be less inclined to resist and risk a more dangerous confrontation.


4. Avoid Unwanted Advances

While it’s true some won’t be deterred, the idea you’re “off the market” will detract most people from bothering you. Fake engagement rings are great for accomplishing this.

You’ll be able to focus more on having fun and living “in the moment.”  You’ll also feel more emboldened to tell someone to buzz off if they keep pursuing you anyway.


5. Prevent Intrusiveness

One universal frustration people have when going to a new place is feeling the need to explain themselves to total strangers. Faux wedding rings can lessen the odds of this happening.

That’s because many will want to know your marital situation. As if it was any of their business! Flashing that ring when people get too familiar cuts back on the number of questions they throw at you.

cathedral halo engagement ring

PHOTO:  Reasons to Wear a Fake Wedding Ring While Travelling include preventing intrusiveness.   You want to focus on your holiday, not feed off unwanted advances and an engagement ring shouts “you’re off the market”.   Wearing a fake wedding ring while traveling is handy, you can flash it to pests!   Seen above is the Luxuria EVA a 1.5 carat cathedral halo engagement ring.


6. Spend More on the Honeymoon

Some couples who plan on getting married will buy fake engagement rings for travel for one very simple reason. They’re more attracted to experience than status.

In other words, they’d rather take that $6,000 mentioned at the start of this article and do something fun.  That could include a cruise, a safari or other customized adventure in a foreign country. 

When you don’t spend so much on something so little, you get to go crazier with the honeymoon.  And that results in photos and videos and memories that don’t require inspections every six months.  Check out the next section for more on that!


7. Stay Good on Your Inspection Schedule

Actual diamond rings require regular maintenance and upkeep.  They need to be cleaned and inspected.  This usually costs extra and follows a tight, every-six-month schedule.

If you’re traveling a lot, it can be easy to forget about the schedule.  And while the jeweler may work with you on this, it can theoretically void your warranty.  This puts the entire investment at risk.

Fake diamond rings do not have the same demands. They’re sturdy, and you won’t lose nearly as much value if something happens to damage the setting outside of an inspection schedule.


8. Take the Stress Out of Popping the Question

Perhaps the wisest reason not to wear a real diamond ring while traveling is that you plan on popping the question in some new, romantic, memorable setting.  You don’t want to go to those lengths gambling on an expensive diamond your significant other isn’t crazy about.

A common trend we’re seeing is that one partner will purchase a fake wedding ring to pop the question.  If the SO likes it, they’ll upgrade.  If they’d rather have something else, the two can then shop together for the real deal, and they can do it without sacrificing that memorable moment!

East west oval engagement ring

PHOTO:  Planning to propose whilst on vacation?   How romantic!  Consider proposing with a Temporary engagement ring.  You can shop together later for the real deal and in the meantime, she has a ring on her finger.   Keep it simple and classic like this oval cubic zirconia ring from Luxuria. 

Considerations for a Fake Wedding Ring for Travel?

Now that you know the reasons to go with a fake ring while traveling, it’s time to consider the factors that go into picking one out. There are three factors deserving of your focus.

High-Grade Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia is the go-to diamond replacement source used for fake wedding rings.  They’re graded on a Class Scale of A to AAAAA, with 5-A being the best.  This is where the Vinn Diagram between quality and price meet.

Buying 5-A will cost you a little more.  But it will pretty much ensure a ring that’s indistinguishable to the naked eye from the real thing. Still, you can do better.

Hand-Cut Cubic Zirconia

High-grade CZ gets the job done on the pre-set side.  But you can achieve a higher grade of quality if you go the hand-cut route.

Of course, hand-cut rings will be more expensive.  But you’ll still pay a fraction of the price you would to a comparable actual diamond.

Other Factors to Spruce Up the Look

These would include the grade of silver or gold used in the band.  You also may want to consider adding color gemstones to spruce up the color.   However, sometimes the wise choice is to keep the travel ring simple, like a plain silver wedding band.

womens silver wedding band

PHOTO:  When considering a fake wedding ring for travel, sometimes simple is best.  Seen above is a womens silver wedding band.  One of the key reasons to wear a Fake Wedding Ring while travelling is the potential for accidental loss.   Its so easy to leave a ring on a nightstand of your hotel room.


The Fake Wedding Ring Is a Must for Travel

So there you have it.   Eight smart reasons to wear a fake wedding ring While Travelling.   We think you will agree.  A fake wedding ring makes a great choice when it’s time to hit the road or airways.  And sometimes – to the naked eye – the quality and beauty are unsurpassed by real diamonds.

So whatever your reason for traveling, consider one for your next getaway.  And make sure you check out Luxuria’s stunning selection when you’re ready to buy.

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