Non Diamond Engagement Rings are the New Trend in 2020

Marilyn Monroe is famous for crooning “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, making us crazy for flashy engagement rings. 

The James Bond soundtrack taught us “diamonds are forever”, highlighting their durability and timeless style.

But fast-forward to today.  In 2020 non diamond engagement rings are the newest trend.

First, What Is a Non Diamond Engagement Ring? 

 “Non diamond” is a broad term regarding engagement rings featuring diamond alternatives. Couples are becoming interested in adding other gemstones into their engagement rings and wedding bands.

An alternative engagement ring has ranged in its style. It can evoke a retro look or a unique design. For example, placing a non diamond center stone on a rose-gold ring, instead of being conservative with white or yellow gold.

Why Are Non Diamond Engagement Rings Getting More Popular?

Another reason couples are opting for the non traditional engagement ring is the generational shift.  Some millennials come to the decision from a humanitarian or philosophical standpoint of not wanting a diamond,

Millennials are also paying way less for engagement rings.  According to a recent survey from TD Ameritrade, two-thirds of Gen Z and Millennials think an engagement ring should cost less than $2,500 or less than half the national average.

Normally, the average engagement ring goes for $5,680 thanks to its diamond centrepiece. Research shows 4 in 10 Millennials plan to pay for their own weddings so it makes sense they don’t want to splash out on a diamond engagement ring.  

Popular Non Diamond Engagement Rings

Breaking away from the traditional diamond ring isn’t for everyone.  It does however create new opportunities to find a style that suits your needs and tastes perfectly. Once you’re open to the idea of engagement rings without diamonds, the options are seemingly endless!

If you’re so over diamonds, here’s a list of alternative wedding rings and engagement rings.   


Queen Cleopatra was fanatical about emeralds and JFK proposed to Jackie with an emerald ring. They’re considered a precious stone and are mesmerizing with their rich green color.

It’s a great option if your partner is born in May as emerald is its birthstone. But note that emeralds are softer than diamonds, rubies, and other stones.  Therefore if emerald is an option please be careful in choosing a setting.

Non diamond engagement rings Emerald gemstone Luxuria
Gemstones are an alternative to diamond

Photo Above.   Diamond engagement rings are not for everyone.  Emerald, a precious gemstone and birthstone for the month of May is an alternative.  The emerald gemstone has long been the symbol of hope.  The hope for a beautiful future filled with passion and love. The hope that your relationship is sustained throughout life and when that has run its course, that you will be reunited in the ever after.


If you type “Princess Diana” into Google, the first searches are “ring” and “engagement ring”.

Sapphires had their moment when Princess Di selected a 12-carat sapphire engagement ring. Now it’s the most well-known engagement ring ever especially now that Kate Middleton is wearing it. 

This precious stone is believed to promote tranquillity and symbolize faithfulness.  What a fitting representation for the marriage you’re about to commit to! 

Sapphires are famous for their deep blue but it’s possible to get them in green, white, pink, and yellow. They’re also durable which is reassuring when you’re wearing it daily. 


These colored gemstones symbolize romance, wealth, and success, perfect for any engagement.

Red is the color of passion—so what better way to represent your love than with a ruby engagement ring?   The ruby is the birthstone for July, making this gem an ideal choice for brides born during that month,

Rubies turn fluorescent under ultraviolet and sunlight, causing the stone to glow. This is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit and to enhance their beauty.

They’re also renowned for their durability so your partner is worry-free if they’re working out or doing chores. 


Moissanite is born from the stars. Yes, you read that correctly!

In 1893, Henri Moissan discovered microscopic particles of this gem in a crater created by a meteorite that fell to Earth. He first thought they were diamonds but later realized they were composed of silicon carbide.

Natural moissanite is rare.  Nowadays moissanite is laboratory-created, to create the most sparkling gemstone. You’ll notice a similarity in the appearance to diamonds but it moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamond.   This means Moissanite exhibits higher levels of brilliance and fire than natural diamond. 

Cushion cut halo fake engagement rings - Luxuria

Photo Above:  Cubic zirconia and moissanite are widely used diamond simulants.  Seen above is the Luxuria® ACCAREZZARE cushion cut halo engagement ring.

Claddagh Ring

Perhaps you have Irish blood or are proposing in Ireland, but there’s no better way to celebrate your relationship than by a Claddagh ring

The tradition dates back to the middle Ages and the ring shows two hands holding a heart that wears a crown. The symbolism is explained in “Let Love and Friendship Reign”, which describes how important this ring is to Irish culture.  


If you’re strapped for cash, this is the easiest and least expensive way to acquire a stunning engagement ring.

An heirloom is a family jewel with a sentimental value which is far more romantic than another store-bought diamond ring. Your partner will understand the significance and sacrifice symbolized in the ring, making the engagement far more special. 

No Stone

I know, I know!

But what if your partner prefers simplicity over diamonds and flashy gems?

If you do want to add a unique flair, consider the metal. Knot rings are the perfect choice for a minimal bride as it has a dainty knot in the band, symbolizing “tying the knot”.    With thicker bands it’s possible to inscribe a personalised message or symbol inside – to ramp up the impact.

Alternatively you can choose an infinity design engagement ring to solidify your everlasting love. 

Non diamond engagement rings infinity band Luxuria

Photo above:   The Luxuria® DECORERE diamond simulant engagement ring.  These non diamond engagement rings feature a weaving infinity band to symbolize never-ending love.


Pearls have distinctive experience.  When considering non diamond engagement rings you don’t have to go overboard.

When it comes to precious gemstones, pearls are as classic as they come. Lovers of vintage and modern brides alike will fall hard for the timeless and old  world elegance of a pearl engagement ring. 

There are two different types. Some are straightforward like a white-gold setting with a pearl set in it like a solitaire ring. If you’re stuck, ask the jeweller to create a minimal, contemporary design so your partner has an engagement ring they love. 


This semi-precious stone is a pale-pink or orange-pink color and is gaining popularity thanks to the color light it casts. Morganite looks best paired with rose-gold settings as it accentuates its pinkish hues.

Or, if you want a contrast, choose silver-colored metals as it enhances the delicate shades of the stone. Morganite is also a practical option as it’s easy-to-clean, durable, and perfect for daily wear.  

Which Non Diamond Engagement Rings Will You Choose?

Not everyone wants – or can afford – diamonds so it’s great there are non diamond engagement rings available. It gives you a chance to design a unique ring to commemorate the relationship you have with your partner.

Whether you incorporate their birthstone or find a gem in their favourite color, you have the creative freedom to design an unforgettable engagement ring, one you can’t buy in a store. Good luck!

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Learn more about Non Diamond Engagement Rings

Other non diamond engagement rings alternatives include Cubic Zirconia.  CZ engagement rings offer many benefits.  They are perfect for a surprise proposal and make an exceptionally good substitute for diamond.    To learn more about choosing fake engagement rings that look real [CLICK HERE]

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