How to choose a fake diamond ring

If you want to know how to choose a fake diamond ring that no one would question, read on!  

This blog follows one of our most read and liked articles from 2019.  The article is entitled “Fake but Fancy: How to Buy Fake Diamonds No One Will Question” and can be read here.

Diamond simulants and synthetics have been growing in popularity as they can have many of the qualities of a real diamond.   No one may even notice that your diamond ring is fake or lab created.

To learn more about how to choose a fake diamond ring that will be best for you, keep reading. In this guide, we will go over the elements of a fake diamond ring that you will want to pay careful attention to while shopping. 

It’s all about the Stone Cut

No one wants to wear a ring that screams fake.   When considering how to choose a fake diamond ring pay very careful attention to stone cut.

Regardless of the material you start with, if the stones are not cut correctly, they will not have the brilliance and sparkle that maximizes their beauty. When considering how to choose a fake diamond ring insist that round cut stones feature a hearts and arrows pattern.

Grade 5A Hearts Arrows cubic zirconia from Luxuria Diamonds
PHOTO 1: A key to tip on how to choose a fake diamond ring is to focus on the cut quality.   This image seen through a “Hearts & Arrows” viewer or scope shows a visual phenomenon that appears in the finest Ideal cut round brilliant diamonds.  Luxuria replicates this with its LUX hallmark round cut cubic zirconia diamond simulants.

This pattern, often simply abbreviated as “H&A” is rare for natural diamonds.  Less than 1% of the world’s diamonds being cut to this level of optical symmetry precision.

A diamond simulant, like cubic zirconia, when cut with this level of precision will be visibly whiter and brighter than most natural diamonds you’ll find mounted in your typical ‘middle market’ engagement ring.

Whether it’s a real diamond or simulant, the cut is very important.   When considering how to choose a fake diamond ring closely examine cut quality.  Some stones are poorly cut, which can hurt their brilliance and sparkle.

Luxuria Diamonds

Imagine that, a US$100 diamond simulant engagement ring can be internally flawless (IF) and colorless (D grade).   To buy the real deal you’d be looking at over US$20,000 for a 1 carat stone.

So, when considering how to choose a fake diamond ring, look at stone cut.   Seek out diamond simulants with exceptional life like light performance.   For round cut stones look for H&A diamond simulants.


Match the Stone Shape to your finger


When considering how to choose a fake diamond ring its important to match your hand size and finger length to the ring.  

For example, if you’ve got short fingers, stay away from a large square shaped engagement ring.  This is because the proportions will reinforce a squatty appearance and not be flattering.

Equally, for those with small hands its important to keep your ring size modest, as well.  You don’t want your ring to dwarf the rest of your hand and make it look awkward as a result. 

How to choose a fake diamond ring

PHOTO:   How to choose a fake diamond ring?    Make sure the diamond shape is suitable for the hand size.   For example, we recommend round or princess cut diamonds for small hands.   Seen above is a solitaire princess cut diamond simulant ring. [Source: Luxuria® Diamonds]


If you’d like to read more about matching ring designs to fingers please read our blog on what ring best suits my finger.    We can’t stress enough the importance of considering how to choose a fake diamond ring that best suits your hand.


Make Sure to Check the Mount and Setting 

When looking for a fake diamond ring, don’t just pay attention to the stone.  The mount and setting of a ring are incredibly important.

When considering how to choose a fake diamond ring take note that poor mounting or setting is a dead giveaway for a fake ring.

Real diamonds have high-quality settings, so you will want to make sure your ring is made of quality metals. 

A great way to check what metal a ring is made of is to look inside the band where the metal will be indicated.

For gold, you will see the carat stamped (k) on the inside of the ring. If the ring is made of platinum, it will read PT. For silver look for a 925 mark or stamp on the jewelry.

If there is no stamp inside the band, it is likely low quality fake. If the metal is gold plated or silver plated avoid it completely.   This is because you have no idea what the base metal might be.   The base metal could cause skin irritation or rash allergy.  Furthermore, plated jewelry is a giveaway for a “cheap fakes” because such low cost and low quality metals would never be paired with a real diamond. 

When choosing a fake diamond ring set in silver, insist on rhodium plating.  Not only does rhodium add resistance against scrapes and scratches, this expensive precious metal is hypoallergenic.

Luxuria Diamonds

However, if you are trying to save money on your setting, the best price-conscious setting option is 925 silver. Did you know that proposing with a fake ring is on trend? 

If you are opting for a yellow gold setting option, it’s important to note that while the karat quality will increase the price of the setting, it will be a longer-lasting option as it’s less likely to get scratched. 

Pick the Right Imitation Diamond Type 

There are a few different types of imitation diamonds.  A diamond simulant is a stone that looks similar to real diamond and shares some of its characteristics.   Although simulants are used as diamond imitations, they have a different chemical structure from real diamonds.

Some simulants occur naturally, while others are created artificially.  Examples of popular diamond simulants include cubic zirconia, moissanite, white sapphire and crystal.   Do check out our guide on diamond simulant rings for added information.

When considering how to choose a fake diamond ring, its important to understand the qualities of each material before ring shopping. 

Different diamond Simulants

Cubic zirconia is widely considered as one of the best fake diamonds.  This is because of its low cost, durability, and close visual likeness to diamond.    Because CZ stones are often colorless and flawless in clarity, their perfection is the most common giveaway that cubic zirconia is not a real diamond.  

However, CZ is not as durable as diamond and can scratch causing CZ to lose some sparkle.   The very best cubic zirconia, grade 5A H&A which Luxuria® uses has even fooled some jewellers on occasion.

Replica diamonds bigger is not always better LUXURIA
PHOTO 2: When considering how to choose a fake diamond ring carefully consider different simulant options.  Cubic zirconia dominates the diamond simulant market and it remains the most gemologically and economically important simulant.   This is because of CZ’s low cost, high durability, and close visual likeness to real diamond.   [SOURCE:   Luxuria® Diamonds]

White sapphire is another popular option because it is affordable and a bit harder than cubic zirconia.   While sapphire is a natural stone it is “cloudier” than diamond.  This means there is less light refraction to give the appearance of brilliance or shininess.  Further sapphires are prone to more damage than diamonds and do not have the same fire and brilliance as CZ, Moissanite or true diamond.

Moissanite is another option.   The diamond imitation of this material is lab created.  Moissanites advantage over CZ is hardness being 8.5–9.25 on the Mohs scale.   However, the refractive index and dispersion of Moissanite is much higher than diamond.  Moissanite thus has more of a rainbow sparkle compared to a diamond and can sometimes look like a disco ball.     This is because of how it refracts light when it hits the surface.  The give-away is that diamond tends to emit a colorless sparkle or flashes of light instead.

Video:  How to choose a fake diamond ring?   In this video we provide 5 tips on how to choose a fake diamond ring that looks real.  High quality diamond simulant rings are perfect as placeholder rings or temporary engagement rings.   [SOURCE:  Luxuria Diamonds Diamond Simulant Rings YouTube Channel ]


We recommend you stay clear of crystal including Swarovski ® crystal.  Swarovski crystal is a man-made precision-cut crystal glass.  However, Swarovski crystal has less brilliance and sparkle than genuine diamond.   The weakness is the ease of scratching.  On the Mohs scale of hardness, Swarovski crystal is only 6-7, making it unsuitable for engagement ring use.

How to choose a fake diamond ring?  Size Matters 

When considering how to choose a fake diamond ring remember that the size of the central stone matters. With replica diamonds, big isn’t always better. In some cases, the larger the stone, the more obvious it is that it’s fake.  Simply put, smaller simulants look more realistic than larger ones.

However, this depends on what material the stone is made out of and the quality of the cut. Imitation diamonds, especially those made of crystal, glass, sapphire and white topaz differ significantly from real diamonds in sparkle and clarity.  Therefore these materials, especially in larger sizes are very easy to identify as fake.  

How to buy a fake diamond ring LUXURIA
PHOTO 3: When considering how to choose a fake diamond ring be careful with large stone sizes. While it’s possible with good quality materials to get a realistic look for large carat size, most fail. Seen above is Luxuria’s VIENNA, an 8 carat emerald cut celebrity engagement ring. [SOURCE: Luxuria Diamonds]

When considering how to choose a fake diamond ring there is another reason to be careful with large stone.   Larger stones obviously present a much larger surface area for potential damage or scratches.   Moreover, scratches and marks are more noticeable on a larger stone. 

Check how the stone sparkles 

The sparkle of a stone is very important.   The more the stone sparkles like a diamond, the better the fake.

What does a diamond sparkle look like?   Checking the sparkle of a ring is simple.  All you need to do is hold it underneath a light.  True diamonds reflect light and sparkle gray and white, which is often referred to as their brilliance. 

Outside of the gem, the sparkle will reflect rainbow colors on other surrounding surfaces, which reflects a dispersed light often referred to as fire.

In contrast, a fake diamond will reflect rainbow colors visible within the stone. It’s best to look for a stone that sparkles similarly to a real diamond to find the most authentic-looking option. 

Of the various options available grade 5A H&A cubic zirconia and Moissanite are the two best options.  This is because their light performance is most similar to natural diamond.   When thinking about how to choose a fake diamond ring – the option that looks most realistic is the best.

How to Choose a Fake Diamond Ring 

If you’re hoping to save some money while also finding a ring that you love, keep the tips in this guide on how to choose a fake diamond ring in mind while shopping.

Imitation diamonds are incredibly popular for those that want a sparkling ring at an affordable price. Find an imitation ring that will look real with these tips and tricks. 

Are you right now looking for a high quality fake diamond ring?  If so, visit our webstore at Luxuria Diamonds to view plenty of beautiful options.   You might also find our guide on low cost engagement rings of interest.

Want to learn more?

Fake diamond engagement rings are perfect use in many situations.   Perhaps you’re a guy looking for a placeholder or temporary engagement ring?  These are perfect for a surprise marriage proposal.  If she says yes congratulations!  You can later shop for the real deal together.  She’ll love that idea.

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We also welcome any comments or questions you have on the topic of how to choose a fake diamond ring.   Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts.

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