Gift ideas for Women – Three rules you must follow

Let’s face it, Coming up with gift ideas for women is tough.  Whether it’s a Christmas or birthday present for her – this article outlines three gifts for woman rules you should follow.

As a guy the challenge is daunting.   Chances are if you’re like most men, you’ll put off buying a Christmas gift for that special lady in your life until the last possible moment.   Further, buying gifts for her runs the risk of purchasing something she doesn’t want and therefore won’t value.

What do they want?  Are they allergic to anything? What do they not already own?  Do they like to read? What color would they want it in? What is their favorite scent?

When it comes to gift ideas for women there are so many questions and often so little time to buy.

Buying gifts for her can also be a minefield.   Women have a knack of jumping to conclusions when receiving gifts.    Buy her a yoga mat or yoga pants and that might suggest to her that you don’t like her physique.   Buying her a watch might be received as you not appreciating that she constantly runs late.   Buy her socks clearly means you don’t appreciate her cold feet.   You are supposed to love all of her – including her cold feet.   Anything for the kitchen might suggest you expect her to spend more time there.

So deciding on gifts for her can be a minefield.   Let’s start with what NOT to buy her.

Bad gift ideas for women

A wrong gift is often one that took little thought or effort — or one that simply doesn’t make sense for her.

For example, men tend to like the idea of buying gift certificates or cards for their wife or girlfriend.   But the female perception of this can be that you don’t know her well enough to pick something out by yourself.   It is also perceived as being “a lazy gift”.  That’s not exactly heart-warming for someone you’re supposed to be crazy about!

We’ve said it above but let’s print it again.  Even if your wife or partner idolizes cooking show celebrities, you’re probably better off steering away from anything that communicates about her role in the house and kitchen.  Leave those types of gifts to her friends and family members.   She might really like a latest kitchen gadget – but it’s not romantic coming from you.

Other bad gift ideas include things that are secretly for you.   Examples include sexy underwear (more appropriate for Valentine’s Day – but nice try), chocolates or tickets to a concert of your favourite band.  

Great gift ideas for women

The right Christmas gift for her is usually one that demonstrates you’ve taken time to understand her.   Perfect gifts for women are thoughtful, practical, show you care and above all demonstrate your commitment to the relationship.

Picking the right kind of gift can increase feelings of appreciation, which in turn help to cement and build important relationships. In fact, that’s often the problem: We forget that the point of a gift is to strengthen a relationship.

Jill Suttie, Psy.D.,
Christmas gifts for her Luxuria jewelry
PHOTO 1:  Good gift ideas for women should be thoughtful, practical and above all demonstrate your commitment to the relationship.   Look for gifts for her that she can wear and will bring long term satisfaction.  [Source:  Luxuria® Diamonds]

Gift ideas for Women – Three rules you must follow

Here are three research-based findings you might find useful as you are considering the best gift ideas for women.  Some gifts strengthen relationships more than others, so as you search for the perfect gift for her.   Consider these three rules for best gift ideas for women:


1. Choose gifts for her that are practical

Many believe when it comes to gift ideas for women that the greater the perceived expense the more the gift is appreciated.

Research however paints a different picture – that thoughtfulness and practicality of gifts trumps expense.   Women feel closer to someone who gave them a more usable gift than one that seemed fancier.  Giving expensive gifts is not necessarily the way to someone’s heart.   What is appreciated by women is a gift which shows you’ve taken the time to understand her needs.


2. Pick a gift for her that brings long term satisfaction

While it is tempting to opt for gifts with the “wow factor” – search instead for gifts for her that continues to delight well past the unwrapping.    Flowers and chocolates are cute but don’t solve any problems and don’t last.

The perfect to show your girlfriend that she’s special is one that is very thoughtful, personal and demonstrates that you care.   The gift should not be perishable or something that used quickly – rather something that brings long term satisfaction.


3. Give a Sentimental gift

Think about what message your gift sends.   Men typically view gift giving as a means of exchange.  Women however prefer receiving gifts for symbolic and emotional reasons.   The best gift ideas for women are those that mean a lot, not necessarily those that cost a lot.

Think about special times you’ve shared with your wife or partner and plan a gift around those memories.   For example, if you’ve been married for several years consider getting her an anniversary ring band to match her wedding or engagement ring.   

Gift ideas for women wedding anniversary band Luxuria
PHOTO 2:   Women prefer receiving gifts for symbolic and emotional reasons.  Great gift ideas for women will include gifts that remind her of special events or times you’ve spent together.  Above is a photo of a silver wedding anniversary band.   It’s not an expensive gift for her – but it is emotionally-laden.  It demonstrates you recognise and value your relationship with her.  [Source:  Luxuria® Diamonds]

Jewelry for her

Among the best gift ideas for women for Christmas or birthdays is jewelry.   As you will read below jewelry is a practical, long lasting and a sentimental gift idea.  


VIDEO: The best gift ideas for women can include jewelry. This is because jewelry is practical, lasting and purchased smartly sentimental to. Check out this video – Gift ideas for women | Christmas gifts for wife | Best women’s gifts | Jewelry | Luxuria [Source: Luxuria Diamonds]


Jewelry is a practical gift for her

In our blog on affordable diamond simulant rings for her we outline several reasons why rings in particular are practical.

Diamond simulant rings are an excellent idea for travel.    A fake engagement ring is perfect as a travel ring for protection against loss of the real thing.  How many times do you hear about a bride who’s come home from her honeymoon devastated that her new diamond is now floating at the bottom of an azure blue sea in the Caribbean somewhere?

Thousands of rings are lost or damaged each year while travelling.    Why not gift her a high quality ring?

Jewelry is a lasting gift

Affordable quality jewelry is typically set in rhodium plated 925 silver.    If worn all the time but well maintained sterling silver rings will last between 20-30 years on average.    If worn only occasionally and properly stored silver jewelry will last forever.

Women have remarkable memories when it comes to gifts and each time she wears the ring you purchased her she will remember you, when it was given and the reason it was given.  All being well that translates into long term satisfaction from the gift!  

Jewelry is a sentimental gift

Jewelry can be highly sentimental gift ideas for women because each time jewelry is worn, she is reminded of life’s most treasured moments.   Clever men (hopefully that’s you) will pick jewellery that’s associated with a special life event.   For example wonderful gift ideas for women can include a personalized necklace bearing the names of your children or an anniversary wedding band.  Also consider birthstone jewellery.   Buying jewelry with her birthstone shows that you’re paying attention and really tailored your gift to who she is.

The key is to think about special times you’ve shared with her and plan a gift around those memories.  When an object is with associations to those who are close to us, it is said to have sentimental value.

Best gifts for her a birthstone gemstone ring Luxuria
PHOTO 3:  Great gift ideas for women, whether it’s your wife, partner or girlfriend is birthstone jewelry.   Birthstone rings are rings which are set with a gemstone or gemstones which represent the month of birth.  The gemstone may be natural, that is taken millions of years to form, deep within the earth or synthetic which is lab-created.  [Source:  Luxuria Diamonds]


Buying gifts for your wife or partner is tough.  It’s not always easy to figure out the right gift to give. Looking at how often gifts are returned, it’s clear that men are not choosing gifts well.

Remember three rules when considering the best gift ideas for Women.

First, make sure the gift is practical.   Gifts that are usable are appreciated most.

Second, look for gifts that keep delivering i.e. gifts that offer long term satisfaction.

Third, hunt for gifts that mean something to her and remind her of your relationship.

Quality jewelry can fulfil all three rules.   No matter what individual styles the women in your life have, you can find a piece of jewelry that they’re bound to love.  It’s not just beautiful — jewelry is a practical, thoughtful and useful gift that they can keep and use for years.

Want to learn more?

Fake diamond engagement rings and Cheap engagement rings that look expensive are perfect for her use at parties or for travel or overseas vacations.  Such rings are very practical when you don’t want to damage or lose the real thing.  Such rings therefore make excellent gift ideas for women.  Read more in this article.

How about an anniversary band?   Sterling silver anniversary rings are commonly used to symbolize a milestone in a marriage. Usually they are gifted at major anniversaries, like 5, 10 and 20 years, but can be given at any time. The anniversary band symbolizes a lifelong bond and the joys a couple has experienced together.   For more details on anniversary wedding bands click here.

What about birthstone jewelry?   Not sure what her birthstone is then check out this article.  Birthstone jewelry is a great way to give a quality gift that’s beautiful, unique and something that will be well loved for decades.

We also welcome any comments or questions you have on the topic of gift ideas for women.   Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts.

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