Selecting your Luxuria Jewelry ring size

Engagement rings have long been given as a symbol of love, devotion and commitment.  The circular ring has neither a start nor finish, which is emblematic of the everlasting union.

The custom of wearing the ring on the left hand is said to stem from the ancient Egyptians’ belief that the fourth finger’s vein connects directly to the heart.  Although there is some evidence that engagement rings go back to the ancient Egyptians, its actually the Romans who are credited with bringing the tradition to much of the civilized world.  It’s long since been proved that the veins in the ring finger have no direct connection to the heart, but the custom has survived, and there’s no denying it makes a lovely romantic story.

With such rich meaning and symbolism, engagement rings are designed to last a lifetime.  Since it’s a good guess that you plan to be together forever, it only makes sense that your ring size is spot on.

Thankfully, selecting your Luxuria jewelry ring size is easy.  Simply follow our two step guide below.

Two steps to selecting your Luxuria jewelry ring size

1.  Try-out

We strongly recommend that you visit a jeweler and have them measure your ring size.  It’s the safest way and at the same time you can peruse their range and then compare what you see to what we offer online.  Luxuria jewelry ring size is specified in US measurements – so ask the jeweler for the US ring size.

2.  Size-up

If you currently own a ring that fits just perfect, great!  Take that existing ring which fits comfortably on the finger of your choice and measure its inside diameter in mm; then compare with the chart below.  If the ring falls between two sizes, we advise you to order the larger of the two sizes.

Luxuria Jewelry ring size chart
Figure 1:  Use the above chart to select your Luxuria jewelry ring size.

Other considerations in selecting Luxuria Jewelry ring size

When considering your Luxuria jewelry ring size make sure your finger is at a normal body temperature.  This is because fingers can shrink or expand when cold or hot.  In cold weather your fingers shrink at bit.  In hot weather they expand.  Further, heat or water retention caused by food, medications, or illness can cause finger swelling.

If your knuckle is much larger than your finger’s base, take two separate measurements and choose a size in between.  You want a ring to fit over your knuckle, but not be too loose or it will shift around.

Finally, consider the width of the band.  Generally, the wider the band, the tighter it will fit so we recommend going one size up for rings with wider styles.  So go ahead.  Undertake some research then view our ring collection.

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